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Zenith Zoysia Grass Seeds

Zenith Zoysia Grass

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seeds


Zenith® brand Zoysia is the first hybrid zoysia grass seed produced in the United States. A warm season grass that exhibits a medium texture and medium to dark green color, it forms a very dense turf by spreading above ground (stolons) and underground runners (rhizomes). Since Zenith is slow growing it is less invasive than bermudagrass and needs less mowing than other types of grasses. Like other warm season grasses Zenith will go dormant and turn brown during cold winter months but will green up in early spring. Zenith has been shown to produce a Canada goose non-attractant turfgrass surface.


  • Outstanding heat and wear tolerance.
  • Needs less mowing than most grasses.
  • Low water needs - drought tolerant.
  • Zenith's dense turf restricts weed establishment and minimizes weed presence wherever it is used.
  • Widely adapted to varying soil and climate types.
  • One of the most shade tolerant warm season grasses.
  • Zenith tolerates wear and traffic such as dog, child use, golf and sports fields better than other warm season grasses.
  • Can establish, survive and provide quality turfgrass cover as far north as New York and Illinois and west to California and Oregon.
  • Zenith is particularly tolerant of common lawn insect pests.


Zenith zoysia seed is commonly used to establish superior quality turfgrass surfaces in commercial and residential landscapes, sport fields, golf courses, roadsides and medians, etc., anywhere where a dense weed free turf of low maintenance is required.

Seeding Rates

New turf: Sow 1-2 pounds of Zenith zoysiagrass seed to 1,000 square feet. Rate can be increased to speed establishment.
Overseeding: One-half to one pound of seed per 1,000 square feet. It is not recommended that zoysiagrass be mixed with other turfgrasses.


Best to sow seed from mid to late spring through mid-summer. Keep seed moist during 14 to 21 day germination period. Establishment in 10 to 12 weeks depending on date of planting.

Adaptability & Care

Watering: Once established only water as needed or deeply every 7 to 14 days if no significant rainfall.
Fertilization: Minimal fertilizing during growing season – annually apply one to two total pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft early and mid-growing season as a slow release or organic balanced fertilizer.
Mowing height: 1.0 in. to 1.5 in. as needed with a sharp mower. Mowing may be required in summer moths at 7 to 10 day intervals. No mowing is necessary while grass is dormant.
Traffic Wear/Tolerance: Zenith tolerates wear and traffic such as dog and child use, golf and sports fields better than other warm season grasses, as well as golf cart traffic in golf course situations. Because of its slow growing nature—recovery may be slow.

Ingredients & Specifications

ZENITH Zoysiagrass
98% Minimum Purity.
85% Minimum Germination
200,000 Seeds per Pound

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