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Spring Fever

Wildflower Mixture

Spring Fever Wildflower Mixture


This mixture of annual plants provides a bright, colorful array of flowers through spring. An easy growing, quick establishing mix, Spring Fever thrives in a wide range of climates and soil conditions. Fall planting results in an earlier and longer blooming period, early spring planting is successful with supplemental irrigation.


Garden plots, natural areas, slopes, meadows in sunny areas, anywhere a vibrant show of color is desired.

Seeding Rates

4 ounces to 1000 square feet (light) 8 ounces to 1000 square feet (heavy). Spring Fever contains 100% wildflower seed, no clovers or inert fillers.


Spring Fever will flourish with some irrigation. Minimize fertilizer and control weeds as needed.

Components of Mixture

Includes such favorites as:

  • California Blue Bell
  • Tidy Tips, Goldfields
  • California Poppy
  • Scarlet Flax
  • Farewell-To-Spring
  • Baby Blue Eyes
  • Toad Flax


Packets available in 1/2 oz. size. Approximately 15,000 seeds per packet.
Larger quantities are available. Please contact us for additional information and a quotation.

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