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Why You Should Plant Seeds in the Spring Season

When green leaves start sprouting together with brief showers, it means spring has come. Many people are excited when spring arrives because of the brilliant weather and environmental conditions. However, not many take advantage of the great weather and planting conditions. Even those inspired to grow new plants don’t explore the route of growing their plants from seeds. They prefer getting seedlings from nursery catalogs and garden centers rather than buying seeds from a native seed company. However, spring is perfect for planting seeds. Some good reasons to plant seeds in the spring season are:

  • Great Planting Conditions
  • Better Selection
  • It’s Simple
  • Saves Money
  • Seeds Help Satisfy the Gardening Itch
  • Reap Earlier Harvests

Great Planting Conditions

Seeds need adequate light, water, and warmth to germinate. They also need rich soil or compost to grow well. During spring, these conditions are available for seeds to germinate and grow. Spring usually has longer days than nights, which gives seeds adequate sunlight and warmth. The showery weather also ensures that the soil gets enough water, making it easy for seeds to germinate and grow.

Better Selection

Another reason to plant seeds during the spring is to get better varieties of plants. The reality is that most nursery catalogs and garden centers offer a better variety of plants as seeds than transplants. This allows planters to choose their seeds from a broader selection of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. They can also find colors and flavors they may find more interesting. However, it is always best to buy from a reputable native seed company.

It’s Simple

Planting seeds is more effortless than transplanting seedlings. Once the planting conditions are right, the seeds will germinate and be healthy. However, planting seedlings can be delicate. It requires extra care even when the planting conditions are right.

Saves Money

Growing plants from seeds are cheaper than paying for seedlings. This is because the planters have to care for their seeds themselves. However, caring for seeds is easier as long as the seeds are viable and the planting conditions are right. Thankfully, spring has good planting conditions. But the planter needs to get seeds from reputable native seed suppliers. This way, they can save money.

Seeds Help Satisfy the Gardening Itch

Sowing seeds can help reduce that restless feeling or spring fever most people experience at the beginning of spring. It is even more helpful if snow is still swirling in the area.

Reap Earlier Harvests

Planting seeds ensures that planters enjoy early harvests. Most nursery catalogs and garden centers won’t have seedlings till later in spring. Therefore, planting seeds allow growers to grow their seedlings earlier. The earlier they can transplant their seedlings, the earlier they can harvest their plants. However, this will work better when healthy seeds are planted. Therefore, it is essential to get seeds from accredited seed companies in the USA.

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