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Why Are Certified Seeds Important for Top Yields?

Many farmers wonder if it is wise to use certified seeds instead of grain. But a lot of experimentation by seed companies in the USA proves that certified seeds are more useful when it comes to producing the best quality yields. The following blogdiscusses the importance of certified seeds in further detail.

1.   It Increases the Crop Yield
All grass seed companies will tell you that crop yields are directly associated with the quality of seeds. The higher the quality of the seeds, the better the overall crop yield. Contrary to popular belief, it is just not about quantity. Farmers can simply not grow enough plants if they don’t have the right number of seeds that come from a trusted and qualitative source.

2.   These Seeds Come With A Varietal Purity
Farmers growing these seeds will retreat from the importance of seed certification again and again. These seeds are growing in a high-quality management system where the farmer focuses on increasing the overall varietal purity. In this way, certified seeds also ensure traceability. The best way to grow a product is to know its origins, and certified seeds help cultivate this knowledge.

3.   It Ensures Quality in the Yield
These seeds ensure that the farmers can fulfill the quality assurance requirements they have laid out for themselves due to field inspection. These seeds are grown in very qualitative environments, which improves the overall quality of the entire yield. Besides this, field inspection helps in finding seed-related problems across the field and dealing with these issues from the very start. Customers are also likely to trust the product because of the use of certified seeds, and in this way, the farmers can gain trustworthy customers.

4.   These Seeds Can Help In Regulating Contamination
Crops across the state can face a couple of issues in terms of growth. For instance, white mold sclerotia is a common problem that can spread very quickly if it is not cleaned off the grain. Some weed seeds are also included in the grain mix, but they are strictly controlled in the certified seed mix. Accordingly, these environmental seeds are regulated to ensure they are protected from contamination.

Certified seeds are also tested in the laboratories for seedling vigor. They are tested to identify how well these seeds can survive various conditions, such as changing temperatures, environmental pollutants, and diseases.


Certified seeds are some of the most useful for improving the overall yield and crop and ensuring the best quality. These seeds are easily available through various seed companies in the USA. To find the best quality seeds, contact us!



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