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Why And Where Seashore Paspalum Should Be Used

Seashore paspalum is a turfgrass that is well-suited to coastal regions affected by salt and moisture. This hardy grass has a high tolerance for soils that are sandy and infertile. It can also withstand high salt concentrations, sodden conditions, and the odd deluge of seawater. Structurally, seashore paspalum seed also possesses several characteristics that make it an ideal choice for turfgrass. In fact, seashore paspalum is viewed as the optimum warm-season, salt-tolerant species of turfgrass. A striking feature of paspalum is that it can kill the weeds in the grass with salt, which works as a natural herbicide.

Why Should Paspalum Be Used?

The benefits of seashore paspalum are many and varied. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it possesses an excellent tolerance to salt and adapts well to most stable and PH conditions. It can withstand almost any water type, and once established, actually requires little watering. Additionally, it is quite bug-resistant, including to chinch bugs. These tiny pests are the bane of turfgrass all across the country, and can sometimes cause irreparable destruction once they take hold. Further, paspalum does well in low-light conditions and can tolerate a multitude of lawn mowing heights. It can also stand up to high foot traffic, making it an ideal turf for sports.

Where Should Paspalum Be Used?

Paspalum is incredibly adaptable and can grow in almost any climate, from moist and salty coastal regions to tropical and humid conditions in Southeast Asia, to the Middle East’s desert-like conditions. For this reason, it’s often used on higher-end lawns, sports fields, and golf courses. Paspalum grass is lush and canopy-like, which makes it ideal for warm-weather golf courses and fairways in particular. This is due to the upright nature of paspalum grass, which almost eliminates the need for a tee because the ball sits atop the grass on its own. Certain varieties, also perform well in putting greens.

Paspalum also produces sports fields that can withstand wear-and-tear due to its aggressive stem system, composed of rhizomes, or rootstocks, that grow horizontally, and stolons that stretch across the surface. This system allows the grass to heal quickly from damage typical of playing fields.

Challenges of Using Paspalum

Although an amazingly versatile grass, even paspalum has its limitations. One such challenge is that it’s prone to diseases that often thrive in a humid climate. However, there are treatments on the market that can address these issues.

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