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What are the Necessities for Favorable Outcomes of Buffalo grass?

Buffalo grass is a beautiful, low-growing grass. This warm-season grass offers a rich green color that will enhance any area you consider growing it. One of the benefits of this type of grass is that it doesn’t require tons of maintenance. However, there are some things you must keep in mind to ensure it is healthy and grows well.

Remember these as you seek to grow a healthy buffalo grass lawn.

Low Water Needs

You can have healthy buffalo grass with short, infrequent watering. This type of grass has very low water needs once it is fully established. However, if you are growing this type of grass from seeds, you will need more water than usual. You will need a deep initial watering when first laying down the seeds and then frequent, very light watering following until the grass is fully established.

Also, when growing buffalo grass, make sure it is planted in areas that do not receive any standing or running water. These areas will likely be too moist for the grass to survive.

Grow This Grass in Sunny Areas

Buffalo grass does best in sunny areas. Ideally, you want to plant this grass type in direct sunlight and avoid shady areas. If planted in shady areas, the grass will not provide the thick, green, beautiful look that you desire.

Choose Only the Best Buffalo grass Seed Supplier

If growing a buffalo grass lawn, you must choose your seeds wisely. The best seeds will adapt to your particular environment and will grow with ease.

When growing buffalo grass from seeds, you will need approximately one pound of seeds for every 250 feet. You should also grow these seeds during the spring and summer months as it does best in the warmer weather.

Take the time to properly weed the area prior to planting as well. While this type of grass grows so thick that weeds are not often an issue, if there are not enough seeds or the weeds were not properly removed at the beginning of the growing process, you could be facing an uneven and unattractive lawn.

At Stover Seed Company, we want to help you have gorgeous, thick lawn no matter your location. Contact us today for questions about buffalo grass. We are a committed buffalo grass seed supplier.

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