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Very Hot, Widely Adapted, Used for Pickling


Peppers are among the most popular vegetables grown by home gardeners. They need a long, warm growing season and grow slowly during cool periods. Hot peppers have many uses in the kitchen such as spices and sauces. Jalapeno peppers are great for pickling.

  • Seed Depth: .125 in.
  • Row Spacing: 36 in.
  • Seed Spacing: 1 in.
  • Plant Spacing: 24 in.
  • Days to Sprout: 14-21
  • Days to Harvest: 60-80


Peppers are a warm season plant and seed should be planted in warm soil in spring. Seed may be started indoors and transplanted.


Thin when plants are 2 inches high. Mulch regularly to keep weeds down and retain moisture. Support heavy yielding plants with cages or stakes. Fertilize monthly with 5-10-10 or equivalent fertilizer.


Harvest may begin when peppers attain a usable size. Leave some peppers on the plant to ripen fully. Red peppers develop greater levels of vitamin C.


Be sure to wear gloves when handling hot peppers to avoid burning sensation.

Nutrional Value

Very high in Vitamin C.

Growing Guide and Additional Tips
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