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Little Finger


Baby Gourmet, Develops Quickly, High Vitamin A


Carrots grow in most any garden, regardless of the type of soil. The key is to choose the variety that best suits your soil type. Little Finger is a baby gourmet carrot that grows 3 inches long. Because of its size, it is best suited to lightweight soils and containers.

  • Seed Depth: .25 in.
  • Row Spacing: 6 in.
  • Seed Spacing: .25 to .5 in.
  • Plant Spacing: 1-2 in.
  • Days to Sprout: 14-21
  • Days to Harvest: 50-70


Carrots are a cool season crop and germinate in cool, moist conditions in late winter and early spring. Prepare the soil so that it is deep and friable with few clumps or large stones to prevent misshapen roots. Mix 1 pound of a commercial fertilizer (5-10-10 or equivalent) into every 50 square feet of soil. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers or uncomposted manure. For prolonged harvest, stagger your plantings every 2-3 weeks.


Carrot seeds will not germinate unless you keep the soil moist. When seedlings reach 3 inches tall thin plants to 1-2 inches apart. Fertilize and cover with organic mulch when plants are 6 inches tall to prevent cracking of exposed roots. Avoid overwatering.


Pull when roots are 2-3 inches long. Drench the bed with water for easy harvesting.


Before seeding, work into the top 4 inches of soil a thin layer of wood ashes to add potassium to the soil for sweeter carrots. To improve germination cover the seedbed with a wet burlap bag until seedlings emerge.

Nutrional Value

High in Vitamin A

Growing Guide and Additional Tips
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