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Salad Green, Aromatic, Many Uses, Easy to Grow


This salad green has a spicy tang that adds a real zest to salads and other dishes. It is fast growing and easy to grow and can be grown almost year round.

  • Seed Depth: .25 in.
  • Row Spacing: 12 in.
  • Seed Spacing: 1 in.
  • Plant Spacing: 6 in.
  • Days to Sprout: 5-7
  • Days to Harvest: 25-40


Arugula is a cool weather crop. Seed can be sown in winter, spring and fall in mild climates. Sow seed in 2 week intervals for prolonged harvest.


Thin when plants are 1 inch high (eat the thinnings). Mulch to keep the plants cool and to retain moisture. Water frequently but lightly. Fertilize with a 10-10-10 or similar fertilizer


Pull up entire plant when leaves are young and tender or harvest only young leaves from plant center leaving the plant to produce a second crop.


Harvest in early morning when leaves are crisp and full of moisture.

Nutritional Value

Source of Vitamin A, C and Folic Acid.

Growing Guide and Additional Tips
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