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Sportsfield Quality Improved Bermudagrass


Transcontinental Sportsfield Quality Improved Bermudagrass


Transcontinental is an improved, turf-type bermudagrass that exhibits improved color, texture and density. Transcontinental has consistently ranked among the best performing bermudagrass varieties in all major areas of turfgrass characteristics.

Transcontinental was developed by Pure Seed Testing, Inc and traces its origin to 13 parents, several of which came from the southwestern US. Transcontinental was tested under the experimental designation PST-R69C and is a sister variety to the variety “Savannah” which came from the same breeding program. The first seed for commercial use was released in 2002.



  • Medium fine texture
  • Medium-high density
  • Dark green color
  • Superior drought tolerance
  • Reduced plant height


  • Uniform growth habit
  • Improved wear tolerance
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency
  • Low water requirement
  • Reduced mower clippings


Sportsfields, Parks/Playgrounds, Cemetaries, GolfCourses – fairways & roughs, Home Lawns.

Seeding Rates

New turf: 4 pounds per 1000 square feet or 100-150 pounds per acre.
Overseeding: 1 to 2 pounds per 1000 square feet or 45-90 pounds per acre.
(Seed in Hulled/coated form)


Emergence: 7-14 days. Germination delayed if soil temperatures are below 65° F.
First mowing: aproximately 21 days (may be longer in cool season). No special mower is required.
First limited use: One week after first mowing depending upon rate of establishment.

Adaptability & Care

Growing region: Temperate, sub-tropical and tropical climate zones. All soil types.
pH Range: Adapted to an extremely broad pH range (5.5-8.0).
Salinity: Can tolerate high saline conditions, however during establishment soil moisture drainage is very important.
Fertilization: 1 pound of actual nitrogen per 1000 sq feet per month during the growing season.
Mowing height: Minimum recommended mowing height is .5 to 1.5 inches every 3-7 days.
Thatch: Periodic verticutting may be necessary under high maintenance conditions.

Quality Assurance

Transcontinental is a certified variety of bermudagrass protected under U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act. Sale of non-certified seed is prohibited by federal law.
Accept no substitutes.

Ingredients & Specifications

Seed form: Hulled/50% coating
98% Minimum purity.
90% Minimum germination.
900,000 seeds per pound. Sold only as certified seed.

Test Data

2002 National Bermudagrass Test, Seeded Cultivars 2004 Data, Southwest U.S. Overall Turf Quality 1-9; 9=ideal turf

    • Princess (#1 rank) 6.3
    • Riviera 6.1
    • Yukon 6.0
    • Transcontinental 5.8
    • Panama 5.8
    • Sultan 5.6
    • Mohawk 5.4
    • Numex Sahara 5.4


  • LSD Value 0.3

2002 National Bermudagrass Test, Seeded Cultivars 2004 Data, Avg of 19 U.S. Locations Leaf Texture Ratings 1-9; 9= very fine

    • Princess (#1 rank) 6.3
    • Yukon 6.2
    • Transcontinental 6.0
    • Riviera6.0
    • Sultan 5.6
    • Panama 5.6
    • Mohawk 5.6
    • Numex Sahara 5.5


  • LSD Value 0.3

To determine whether a cultivar’s performance is truly different from another, subtract one entry’s mean from another entry’s mean. If this value is larger than the LSD value, the observed difference in cultivar performance is significant and did not happen by chance. Complete tables available upon request or contact

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