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Pro Sports Field Ultra™

Professional Turfgrass Mixture


A truly unique product that combines the world’s first hybrid, seeded bermudagrass with the latest improvements in Perennial Ryegrasses. These grasses provide the best combination of quick establishment, durability and attractiveness in all seasons. It will withstand low mowing heights with the Princess going as low as 3/16 inch.
Princess performs better than many vegetative cultivars as well as maintaining better winter color.



  • Highest density of all seeded bermudagrasses
  • Fine texture
  • Dark blue-green color
  • High endophyte level
  • Advanced varieties
  • Better heat and drought tolerance
  • Improved mowability
  • Rye & Bermuda combination


  • Improved traffic tolerance
  • Outstanding turf quality
  • Less fertilizer needed
  • High resistance to above ground insects
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Improved summer performance
  • Reduced leaf shredding during mowing
  • All year playability and green color


High traffic areas including:
Golf Courses, Commercial developments, Sportsfields, Parks, Residential lawns

Because of its improved texture and density, “Pro Sportsfield ULTRA” may be seeded into established stands of hybrid bermudas to improve overall performance.

Seeding Rates

New turf: 10-12 pounds per 1000 square feet (400-500 pounds per acre).
Overseeding: 7-10 pounds per 1000 square feet (300-400 pounds per acre).


Germination: 6-12 days with proper irrigation.
First mowing: Approximately 21 days.
First limited use: Approximately 30 days

Adaptability & Care

Climatic Conditions: All (except high altitude)
Soils: Sandy to heavy clay. Not good for extremely wet or shaded areas.
pH range: 5.5 to 8.5
Fertilization: 3 to 5 pounds of actual nitrogen per 1000 sq ft per year. Use a balanced fertliizer with a 3:1:2 ratio of NPK with sulphur.
Mowing height: 1/2 to 1 inch.

Quality Assurance

“Pro Sportsfield Ultra” is a registered trademark of Stover Seed Company and is available only from Stover Seed or an authorized dealer. The ingredients used in “Pro Sportsfield Ultra” are exclusively distributed by Stover Seed and represent the latest improvements in turfgrass breeding and development.
Accept no substitutions.

Ingredients & Specifications

Affinity Perennial Ryegrass
Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass
Manhattan 4 Perennial Ryegrass

97% Minimum purity
90% Minimum germination

Test Data

National Perennial Ryegrass Test
2003 Data
Quality Ratings 1-9; 9=ideal turf
Sunnyvale, California
Medium Maintenance/Athletic Field

  • Pizzazz (#1 rank)6.6
  • Manhattan 4*6.3
  • Elfkin6.1
  • Barlennium6.1
  • Brightstar II5.8
  • Paragon5.8
  • Affinity*5.7
  • Palmer III5.5
  • Premier5.4
  • Buccaneer4.9
  • Linn3.8
  • LSD Value0.8

2002 National Bermudagrass Test**
Seeded Cultivars
2003 Data, Pomona, California
Overall Turf Quality 1-9; 9=ideal turf

    • Princess (#1 rank)6.2
    • Sultan6.1
    • Riviera5.9
    • Yukon5.9
    • Transcontinental*5.8
    • Numex Sahara5.7
    • Mohawk5.6
    • Panama5.4
    • LSD Value 0.8

Denotes varieties in Pro Sportsfield “Supreme”.

To determine whether a cultivar’s performance is truly different from another, subtract one entry’s mean from another entry’s mean. If this value is larger than the LSD value, the observed difference in cultivar performance is significant and did not happen by chance.
**Complete tables available at www.ntep.org

** Complete tables available at www.ntep.org

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