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Pro Sports Field Extreme™


Extreme drought tolerance coupled with extreme wear tolerance. High density bermuda coupled with kikuyu has been a proven combination on high use sportsfields throughout Southern California. The combination of grasses with rhizomes and stolons with quick growth and drought tolerance produces a turf that meets the demand for high use fields. This mixture is a TWCA qualified product which means that these grasses have successfully met a stringent set of criteria that have been documented and have proven water conservation benefits. Since this mixture is composed of entirely warm season grasses it should only be seeded during warmer months.



  • Superior heat and drought tolerance
  • Stoloniferous and rhizomatous growth habit
  • Excellent, warm weather seedling vigor


  • Meets water conservation goals
  • Outstanding wear tolerance and recovery
  • Fast establishment


Pro Sportsfield Extreme is a natural for high traffic areas such as:

* Sportsfields
* Playgrounds

* Parks
* Lawns

* Dog Parks

Seeding Rates

New turf: 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 130 pounds per acre.
Overseeding existing turf: 1 to 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 43 to 86 pounds per acre.


Warm season grasses such as bermuda and kikuyu should only be seeded when daytime temperatures are consistently 80 degrees or greater (generally between the months of April and October) Emergence can be anywhere between 7 and 21 days. The higher the soil temperature, the quicker the germination as long as there is adequate moisture (irrigation). First mowing approximately 21 days after emergence.


60% Royal TXD Bermudagrass (coated)
40% Whittet Kikuyugrass

49% Minimum purity
90% Minimum germination
230,000 seeds per pound
Origin: Arizona/Australia

Product Datasheet Case Study: Los Angeles' Balboa Park soccer complex
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