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Hard Fescue


Nanook Hard Fescue is a more heat and drought tolerant type of fine fescue. It can be mowed or left unmowed to produce a very appealing ground cover or meadow. When left unmowed it will grow to a full mature height of 12-18 inches. It has a broad geographical adaptation from deserts through northern climates with excellent cold tolerance. Once established, it performs well in coastal climates under minimal irriga/on schedules. Nanook is a certified “TWCA” product meaning that it has been bred and tested to show improved drought tolerance. (See reverse side for information on TWCA standards for certification.)



  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Long, slender leaf blades
  • Heat and cold tolerant
  • Exceptional shade tolerance
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Good seed head production


  • Less water use vs other fine fescues
  • Attractive as slope or ground cover
  • Wide range of adaptability
  • Adaptability to sun/shade
  • Less susceptible to warm weather disease
  • Excellent aesthetic


Nanook is a natural for use as a mowed turf or left unmowed for a natural, wispy ground cover with attractive seed heads.

* Golf Courses
* Ground Cover

* Slopes
* Erosion Control

* Medians
* Roadsides

Seeding Rates

5-7 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 200-300 pounds per acre.
Rates are determined by the density of stand desired and whether the applica/on is new or overseed


Emergence: 3-5 days under op/)um temperature range between 68-86 degrees, longer under cooler temperatures.
Under normal condi/ons establishment can be expected in 14-21 days.


NANOOK Hard Fescue*

98% Minimum purity
90% Minimum germination
500,000 seeds per pound

*protected under the US Plant Variety Protection Act

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