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Buffalo Grass

Buffalograss Lawn Seed


Buffalograss is a permanent, low-growing, warm season grass. It produces vigorous runners and stolons and exhibits excellent drought and wear tolerance. Since it is a warm season grass, it will go dormant and turn brown in the winter months and green up in the spring.



  • Outstanding heat tolerance
  • Needs little to no mowing
  • Poor shade tolerance
  • Low water needs


  • Widely adapted to varying soil and climate types
  • Can be left unmowed for a meadow appearance


Buffalograss is a native American grass that still flourishes on rangelands in the midwestern states. Because of its drought tolerance, low nutritional requirements and short stature, it is drawing increasing attention for its potential use as a low-maintenance turfgrass for California.

Seeding Rates

New seeding: Sow one pound to 250 square feet.


Germination in 14-21 days.
Best to sow seed in March through September.
Water 1 to 2 times per week during growing season to encourage deep roots.
Mowing height 1 in.or left unmowed.
Minimal fertilizing during growing season.


Ingredients & Specifications

Buchaloe Dactyloides
95% Minimum purity.
80% Minimum germination.
50,000 seeds per pound.

Buffalo Grass Maintenance
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