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Kentucky Bluegrass is a perennial, cool season, sod forming grass that spreads by underground runners called rhizomes. Native to Europe and Asia and naturalized in North America, it is widely adapted throughout the cool humid and transitional zones and can be effectively utilized in arid zones with supplemental irrigation. Due to its wide adaptability and exceptional turf quality it is the most widely used cool-season grass.

Bluegrass varieties are unique in that they exhibit a wide range of genetic diversity. There are well over 100 varieties of Kentucky Bluegrasses with various traits and characteristics. Few bluegrass varieties can boast the dominance that Bewitched has proven in NTEP trials with a #1 rating in Wear Tolerance and Blight Resistance and a #2 rating in overall turf quality. It also meets our platinum standards of superiority for variety quality and seed purity. Learn More.

Interesting facts: The reason it is called “Kentucky” Bluegrass is that the grass was originally used as a pasture grass for horse grazing. When weather is favorable, one Kentucky Bluegrass plant can produce from 20 to 50 feet of rhizomes in five months.



  • Wide genetic diversity
  • Rhizomatous growth habit
  • Low temperature hardiness
  • Good drought tolerance



  • Outstanding turf quality
  • Excellent cold hardiness
  • Superior wear tolerance


  • Improved resistance to diseases, better turf quality
  • Improved density, recovery from injury Fall color retention, early
  • Spring green-up Low water requirement


  • Shallow root system requires regular watering
  • Slow to establish
  • Can go dormant in hot weather


Because of its rhizomatous growth habit, Bewitched is a natural for sportsfields and high traffic areas such as:

* Residential Lawns
* Athletic Fields

* Playgrounds
* Sod Production

* Parks
* Cemeteries

* Roadsides
* Institutional Grounds

Seeding Rates

New turf: 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 400 pounds per acre.
Overseeding existong turf: 6 to 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 250-400 pounds per acre.
Seed when soil temperatures are above 60⁰ at a depth of 1/4 inch.
Best times for seeding are early spring and early fall.


Emergence: Kentucky Bluegrass is slower to establish than other cool-season grasses (Ryegrasses, Fescues) and may take up to 21-28 days for full germination under less than optimal conditions.

First limited use approximately 21 days after emergence.


BEWITCHED Kentucky Bluegrass
Platinum Quality (Exceeds Certified Quality Standards)
98% Minimum Purity
0.0% Crop and Weed Seed
85% Minimum Germination
2,200,000 seeds per pound

Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass is a product of Turf Merchants, Inc and is protected under the US Plant Variety Protection Act

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