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Three Big Advantages of Independent Seed Companies

Modern-day independent farmers face a lot of challenges and must compete against large agribusinesses to stay afloat. The seed industry is a perfect example of the disparity between independent and large corporate entities.  This It is a multi-billion-dollar industry, yet just a handful of companies are responsible for two-thirds of the total revenue.

Here are three of the biggest advantages of doing business with an independent seed company.

Localized Knowledge and Extensive Experience

 An independent seed supplier knows the local and regional environment. Growers can therefore enjoy more personalized service.  

Although larger brands can also provide local personalization, a smaller seed company still has better local knowledge, service, and support.

 Listen to Growers’ Concerns

Independent seed companies in the USA, as their names suggest, are independent. They work alone. They don’t require large investors or corporate input to grow and succeed. Instead, they rely on valuable feedback from their customers. In turn, they are more likely to listen to actual growers’ concerns, so their operational decisions are more effective from beginning to end.

Accessibility and Attentiveness

When the brand is smaller and more focused, it allows them to be more attentive to their existing customers. They are more accessible to those in the local area, and they can build genuine relationships with consumers more easily.

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