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Dominant Plus™

Creeping Bentgrass Blend

Creeping Bentgrass is a cool-season, fine textured, stoloniferous (spreading) perennial grass that originated in Western Europe. It is well adapted to cool, humid regions. It is the primary cool-season grass for use on golf course puting greens and tees. Domi-nant Plus Creeping Bentgrass Blend is a reliable blend of beauty, functionality and durability for greens, tees and fairways. Domi-nant Plus combines three bentgrass varieties selected for moderate maintenance requirements. Dominant Plus has broad genetic diversity, superior adaptability and proven performance. Planting a blend of these advanced bentgrasses will significantly improve the quality of any turf stand.

Dominant Plus combines selected versatile varieties to create a turf with a broad genetic base. This broad base will provide a sur-face with increased resistance to Brown Patch, Dollar Sport, Pythium, and most environmental stresses. All are vigorous, fine tex-tured with medium high shoot densi􀀂es, and have a dark green color. This results in a surface that is easier to maintain and keep in ideal conditions without the high intensity maintenance of other varieties.
  • Withstands extreme heat, cold and humidity
  • Dark green, dense and upright
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Good salt tolerance
  • Smooth, fast putting surface at any height
  • Early spring green up and winter active growth
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Wide area of adaptation
Dominant Plus™ is an excellent choice on golf courses and other uses such as:

* Putting Greens * Tees * Fairways * Lawn Bowling Greens * Turf Tennis Courts

Seeding Rates
New turf: 1-2 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Overseeding existing turf: 2-3 pounds per 1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 3-5 days under optimum temperature range between 68-86 degrees, longer under cooler temperatures. First mowing approximately 21 days after emergence (may be longer under cooler temperatures). First limited use approximately 6-8 weeks after emergence.
98% Minimum purity 85% Minimum germina􀀂on 6,000,000 seeds per pound Dominant Plus is a registered trademark of Seed Research of Oregon DOMINANT PLUS™ CREEPING BENTGRASS BLEND 50% Minimum purity 85% Minimum germination 6,000,000 seeds per pound

Dominant Plus is a registered trademark of Seed Research of Oregon

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