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Should Kentucky Bluegrass be a preferred choice for golf courses?

Exposed to a wide range of weather conditions, choosing the right grass for a golf course involves a great deal of care and planning. Around the world, golf courses are found in varying styles and difficulties often with a wide range of different terrain levels and climate conditions. All of these factors play a major role in the long-term success of the course, the satisfaction of the golfers and the ease with which the turf is maintained.

The turf of a golf course must be tough and be able to withstand the heavy daily traffic of golf carts and golfers. Kentucky bluegrass is a longtime favorite of personal and business establishments across America. It offers a variety of preferable characteristics in a grass seed. To fully understand if this grass should be a preferred choice for golf courses, outlined below are some of its attributes that can help you to make the right decision.

Climate Adaptability

Kentucky bluegrass has been used for over 20 years on fairways around the world. It has been known to withstand very cold temperatures and can bounce back quickly after periods of stress. In cooler climates, where golf courses are dormant during the winter months, this turf preserves itself, decreasing spring maintenance needs. While the germination period is fairly slow, this is a golf course seed that is highly adaptable, will spread easily and heal itself.


This is a type of grass seed that does not require a great deal of maintenance and is strong enough to cope with the wear and tear associated with frequent gameplay. As high-traffic areas, a golf course needs a grass seed that will withstand high-stress scenarios. Bluegrass has often been praised for its ability to perform well during even the busiest times.

Defense Against Disease

Kentucky bluegrass can stay immune from a variety of pesky diseases that often wreak havoc on a golf course. Disease can lead to unsightly brown spots, drying, and bugs. In addition to the unwanted appearance, this can decrease the quality of a golf game and customer retention. For a strong and healthy grass on both the fairway and the rough, Kentucky bluegrass seed can be a great option.

Making the right choice for a golf course grass is dependent on its ability to last. The preservation of a golf green ensures enjoy ability for years to come. It is important to take the time to figure out the needs of the course before choosing the seed.

When looking for a choice golf course grass seed, bluegrass presents a wide variety of benefits as outlined above. At Stover Seed, experts are available to answer any questions or concerns about the needs of your golf course.


The quality of a golf course lies in the quality of the grass seed. This sport sees a high quantity of players on the grass daily, requiring a strong and durable turf that will last. The climate conditions a golf course is exposed to will play a large role in the need for maintenance. Kentucky bluegrass is adaptable to a wide array of climates, presenting a quick recovery from the colder winter months as well as its ability to flourish in hot and sunny conditions. A golf course grass must be pristine and attractive with an ability to withstand different types of diseases. Bluegrass will continue to strengthen itself over time and heal areas that have become weak or dry. It is one of the easiest grasses to maintain as well as one of the most popular around America. This grass should be considered a top competitor in golf course grass.

Are you looking for a golf course grass seed to replace old, worn-out areas on your fairways? Why not try out a grass that will help prevent disease and strengthen itself over time? The growth of a Kentucky bluegrass rhizome underneath the ground ensures sustainability through adverse conditions such as disease, that alternative grass seeds would otherwise fall prey to. Does this sound like something you need? Try it out and see why this grass is one of the most popular in America.

The spring months bring flocks of avid golf enthusiasts often looking for a variety of golf courses. While some courses offer hot and sunny conditions, others on the north-western coast of the United States are open to harsh conditions and cooler winters. With its ability to bounce back from hard winters and stay strong through those cold nights, Kentucky bluegrass seed presents a promising option that will have any golf course looking healthy for years to come.

A golf course grass seed must be durable and strong to maintain splendor during the busiest times of the year. A golf course will see hundreds of visitors if not thousands within its season and this requires a grass that lasts. A popular choice for fairways and rough alike is the Kentucky bluegrass. It will stay strong and beautiful even when exposed to a high volume of golfers and golf carts alike

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