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Turfgrass Seed Solutions

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Information for the Professional
Stover Seed maintains over 60 turfgrass varieties in inventory. In addition, when you have a hard-to-solve turfgrass situation, reach out to Stover Seed. We are pioneers-the first to introduce ten new turf-grass types most notable of which are the Princess Hybrid Bermuda, Bonsai Dwarf Fescue and AZ-1 Kikuyu grass.
Our experts have extensive hands-on field knowledge and if needed can provide a site visitation. They can analyze your unique situation, creating specifications that work with nature to provide a solution for you.
For information on ordering professional turfgrass products, please call us direct.
"I ask Stover to examine my sites for blends, analyze soil sample results; they provide answers and suggestions very quickly. When I think of Stover, I think of very good products and professionalism."
--Municipal Grounds Manager

NTEP - National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Guide Facts

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Guide to Grasses

A guide to aid in the selection of products suited to your application Click here.
Click here to read UC Davis' article on Preparing the site and planting turf
Click here to read UC Davis' article on Lawn care for new lawns
Click here to read Lawn care for established lawns

Weed Management in Lawns

Weeds occur in every lawn, but they seldom become problems in well-managed, vigorously growing turfgrass.
Click here for UC-Davis Ag & Natural Resource site.
All-star turfgrass from Stover Seed® is a top pick for high-use conditions.Click Here
TWCA announces new irrigation plant factors for both cool and warm season grasses. Click Here
"Whittet" Kikuyugrass quickly revitalizes Simi sportsfield prior to AYSO soccer championship. Click Here
Manhattan 5GLR Perennial Rye grass: Fast-establishing & drought-resistant. Click Here
How to manage your turf and reduce water requirements during drought. Click Here
Turfgrass Managers interested in water conservation should strongly consider using turfgrass varieties qualified by TWCA. Click Here
USC chose Manhattan 5 Perennial Ryegrass to maximize turf quality for multi-use sportsfield. Click Here
Stover Seed formulates custom seed mix for Los Angeles' Balboa Park soccer complex designed for heavy year-round use. Click Here
Sportsfield Elite At Occidental College: Click Here
Simi Dog Park is the third canine recreation venue in the Los Angeles area to use Kikuyu Grass. Click Here
Grand Slam 'FS' at City of Anaheim Ball Field: Click Here
Grand Slam blend enhances Dodgers post-season turf. Click Here
Winter overseeding of turfgrass. Click Here
What is an endophyte, and how can it benefit your turf? Click Here
Objective: a year-round sustainable field that can tolerate high salt levels. Click here.
Inexpensive but durable turf performances from Princess77. Click here.
Resilient AZ-1 Kikuyu Turfgrass. Click here.
Mycorrhizae: A brief description and the benefits this fungi provides. Click here.
Overseeding Pepperdine University Women's Soccer Field: Pepperdine's grounds managers made the decision to begin overseeding with a Kentucky Blue- grass mix. Click here.
Pro Sportsfield Elite Blend Rejuvenates Vanguard College Ball Fields. Click here.
Turf Grass at City of Fontana Nature Park Provides Year-round Color. Click here.
Grand Slam Seed Mixture Gives Municipal Sportsfields Professional Appearance. Click here.
A Renovation Success: The City of Fontana renovates a nature center with Triple Crown Tall Fescue. Click here.
Stover Announces: New Faster Spreading Perennial Ryegrass Blend.
Click Here
The Polo grounds at Will Rogers State Park obtain desired result with Whittet Kikuyugrass.
Click Here
Sportsfields at Cal State Long Beach get relief from Grey Leaf Spot disease.
Click Here
Aqua Wise Info
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