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Partial Shade Wildflower Hydroseed Mixture

Partial Shade Wildflower Hydroseed Mixture

Minimum Purity: 95%
Minimum Germination: 85%


Mulch: 2,000 pounds per acre. Environ-Fiber or Eco Fiber products
Binder: Environ-mend Binder 160 pounds per acre. Add slowly to tank to avoid clumping.
Pre-plant Fertilizer: Starter fertilizer (15-15-15) at 400 pounds per acre. Incorporate additional elements as needed by soil test.
Seeding Rate: 14 pounds per acre.

Seeding Rates

Watering: Apply adequate moisture to germinate seed. Water three to four times daily depending upon seasonal conditions. It is imperative that the seed bed be kept moist all day during germination. Avoid excessive watering which can cause puddling.
Weeds: Do not apply any post emergent herbicides for at least 60 days after planting. Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for use on the product. Under ideal conditions all weed eradication should be performed before planting the seed.


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