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Professional Seeds

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Professionalornamental grasses, garden seeds
Professional clients want to do business with Stover Seed Company because:
  • We are knowledgeable about the selection and use of native seed species, wild flowers and turfgrasses, wildflowers and native species.
  • We have informative Case Studies based on professional projects.
  • Landscape professionals can find seed solutions for sports fields, recreation areas, reclamation and erosion control needs.
  • Detailed product information is available on this website.
  • We have 90 years of seed experience to aid in making the correct seed decisions.


This is a Professional Section For:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Golf Course Superintendents
  • Turfgrass Managers
  • Erosion Control Specialists

Guide to Grasses

A guide to aid in the selection of products suited to your application.
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The primary cause of lawn damage is often difficult to identify, especially if a long period of time has elapsed between when the damage actually occurred and when the problem was recognized.
Click here for UC-Davis Ag & Natural Resource site.

"Stover's Seed catalog is informative and complete; they always keep it up to date. Their seed mixes are good quality. I see Stover Seed as having the best product."
--Landscape Architect

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