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Water-Wise Seed Products

In response to numerous requests for timely information on water conservation as it relates to turfgrass we have compiled several papers that address various issues from turfgrass selection to watering practices to cultural practices.

We have also introduced several new products that exhibit improved drought tolerance along with established ones that you can find in this section.

Our detailed product sheets offer more technical information on watering as well as cultural practices on ways to reduce water usage.

CS = Cool Season Grass See Glossary
WS = Warm Season Grass See Glossary

Stover Brand Lawn Seed Mixtures (CS)

Fineturf Extreme™ /Tall Fescue, Bluegrass Mixture (CS)

Datasheet | Case Study: Balboa Park

Shady Lawn / Fine Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Bluegrass Mixture

Product Page

Bermudagrasses (WS)

Bentgrasses Blends

Bermuda Dunes™ Improved Bermudagrass Blend

Product Page | Datasheet | Case Study: Turf Species Conversions Save Water

Royal TXD


Bermudagrass Varieties

Arden 15 Hybrid SHOP Product Page | Datasheet

Common Hulled

Product Page | Datasheet

Common Unhulled

Product Page | Datasheet

Rio Hybrid

Sahara II

Product Page | Datasheet

Sultan 6

Product Page | Datasheet


Product Page | Datasheet

Fine Fescues (CS)

Fine Fescues Mixture

Pacific Meadow™ Fine Fescue Mixture SHOP

Product Page | Datasheet

Perennial Ryegrasses (CS)

Perennial Ryegrass Varieties


Tall Fescues (CS)

Tall Fescue Blends

New Millennia™

Product Page

New Millennia Platinum™ SHOP


Triple Crown

Product Page | Case Study: City of Fontana Nature Park | Case Study: nature center with Triple Crown Tall Fescue

Triple Crown Dwarf

Product Page

Triple Crown Extreme

Datasheet | TWCA Info Sheet


Medallion® Dwarf w/Bonsai

Product page

Tall Fescue Varieties

4th Millennium SHOP

Product Page | Datasheet


Avenger II

Product Page

Bonsai 2X

Product Page

Traverse 2 SRP

Screamer LS

Specialty Grasses

Buffalo Grass

Product Page | Buffalo Grass Maintenance

Kikuyugrass, Whittet

Product Page | Dataheet | Case Study: Simi Valley Dog Park | Case Study: “Whittet” Kikuyugrass revitalizes sportsfield for AYSO championship | Case Study: Kikuyugrass used for Polo Field at Will Rogers State Park | Kikuyu Best Management Practice

Seashore paspalum, Pure Dynasty (WS)

Product Page | Dataheet | Case Study: Planting Seashore paspalum

Seashore paspalum, Rescape (WS) SHOP

Zoysiagrass, Zenith

Product Page | Seeding Zoysia (PDF)
Triple Crown Extreme' Tall Fescue Blend

Triple Crown Extreme' Tall Fescue Blend

Arden 15 Hybrid Bermudagrass R

'Arden 15 Hybrid Bermudagrass R



Hykon Rose Clover

Hykon Rose Clover

Pure Dynasty Paspalum Home Lawn

Pure Dynasty Paspalum Home Lawn

White Yarrow Lawn

White Yarrow Lawn



Hykon Rose Clover

Hykon Rose Clover

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