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Native Grass, Reclamation & Forb Seed

Find mixtures classified as “California Friendly” by California Water Agencies and recommended for use in landscapes as a low water user.

Turf and grass products are the foundation of our company’s heritage; they represent significant investment in product research and knowledge. In this section, you will find individual varieties and mixtures of native plants that we selected and formulated for your specific uses based upon strict criteria.

California Native Seed Mixtures

California Native Grass Mixture™

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Native Bioswale Seed Mixture


California Native All Purpose Seed Mixture SHOP


California Native Biofilter Seed Mixture SHOP


California Native Grassland Seed Mixture SHOP


California Native No Mow Seed Mixture SHOP


Custom Bio Swale Trail Mixture

Golf Course Rough Conversion to Natives

Highway Native Wildflower Mixture

Highway Restoration, Native Grass and Wildflower

Native Fire Restoration

Native Grass and Wildflower Rough Conversion

Native Habitat Restoration

Solar Project Restoration

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