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Golf Course Seed

Stover Seed provides numerous products and services that benefit the golf course superintendent and the golf industry as a whole.

We provide site visitation and specifications throughout Southern California. In addition, we offer mulches, tackifiers, inoculants and fertilizers for the benefit of the hydroseeder and/or golf course superintendent.

Since we are an independent distributor, our ability to custom order, blend and deliver products to satisfy each course’s individual needs is without equal. We can create custom blends and mixtures for situations such as high salinity, Gray Leaf Spot and other diseases, reclaimed water use, and other special circumstances.

CS = Cool Season Grass See Glossary
WS = Warm Season Grass See Glossary

Golf Course Blends

Bentgrasses (CS)

Bentgrasses Blends

Dominant Plus SHOP

Product Page | Datasheet

Dominant X-treme 7


Bentgrasses Varieties

007 Creeping Bentgrass
Datasheet | Case Study: Creeping Bent Grass for Rancho Bernardo Country Club Golf Course

777 Creeping Bentgrass

Crystal Blue Links


Penn A-4

Pure Select

Bermudagrasses (WS)

Bermudagrass Blends

Bermuda Dunes™ Improved Bermudagrass Blend
Product Page | Datasheet | Case Study: Turf Species Conversions Save Water

Product Page | Datasheet

Bermudagrass Varieties

Arden 15 Hybrid SHOP
Product Page | Datasheet

Common Hulled Bermudagrass
Product Page | Datasheet

Common Unhulled Bremudagrass
Product Page | Datasheet

Rio Hybrid

Sahara II
Product Page | Datasheet

Sultan 6
Product Page | Datasheet

Product Page | Datasheet

Fine Fescues (CS)

Fine Fescues Mixtures

Pacific Meadow™ Fine Fescue Mixture SHOP
Product Page | Datasheet

Links™ Fine Fescue Mixture
Product Page | Datasheet

Fine Fescues Varieties

Celestial Strong Creeping Red Fescue SHOP
Product Page | Case Study: Creeping Red Fescue Project Enhances Sierra Lakes Golf Course

Heathland Chewings Fescue
Product Page

Nanook Hard Fescue
Product Page | Datasheet

Sheep Fescue
Product Page

Intermediate Ryegrass (CS)


Kentucky Bluegrasses (CS)

Kentucky Bluegrass Blends


Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties

Bewitched SHOP


Blue Note


Product Page | Datasheet

Perennial Ryegrasses (CS)

Perennial Ryegrass Blends

Grand Slam™ SHOP
Product Page

Grand Slam GLR™
Product Page | Case Study: GLR Improves Sportsfields at Cal State Long Beach

Grand Slam FS™ (Fast & Spreading)
Product Page | Case Study: New Faster Spreading Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Grand Slam Saline™
Product Page | Case Study: Year-round field that can tolerate high salt levels

VIP 3™
Product Page| Datasheet

Perennial Ryegrass Varieties

Evening Shade

Manhattan 7 GLR
Datasheet | Case Study: Fast-establishing & drought-resistant Manhattan GLR | Case Study: USC maximizimizes turf quality for multi-use sportsfield.



Stellar 3 GL

Specialty Grasses

Poa trivalis, Cypress (CS)
Product Page

Rescape Seashore paspalum (WS) SHOP
Product Page | Datasheet

Two Putt Creeping Bluegrass (CS)
Case Study: True Putt Seed at Trump National | Case Study: Stoneridge Country Club Sweetens Play With True Putt™

Creeping Bentgrass

Custom Spring Wildflower Mixture

Fine Fescue Mixture, Rough Areas

Kikuyugrass, Fairway

Native Grass Mixture

Native Grasses, Rough Areas

VIP 3 Perennial Ryegrass

Kikuyugrass, Fairway

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