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Heirloom Vegetables & Herb Seeds

heirloom vegetable seeds

Heirloom Vegetables

In this section, you'll find products that help the average home gardener become a successful home gardener. From Arugula to Zucchini, we offer selected vegetables and herbs that have proven successful in Western climates.
Almost all of our products (with the exception of some corn varieties) can be classified as 'Heirloom' varieties-meaning that they are traditional, 'open-pollinated' garden favorites with natural disease and insect resistance. These are varieties that grandma grew with success because of their adaptability to local soils and climates.
All of our vegetable and herb seeds are NOT genetically modified (NO GMO).
"Stover is a good company that has been around a long time; they have a good variety of products and I see them as having the best products."


Heirloom Herbs

Arugula, Salad Green
Basil, Sweet Italian
Cilantro, Coriander
Parsley, Giant Italian
heirloom seeds, nonhybrid seeds
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Individual Product Descriptions

Beet, Ruby Queen
Cantalope, Top Mark
Carrot, Little Finger
Carrot, Scarlet Nantes
Corn, Bi-Licious Hybrid
Corn, Golden Beauty Hybrid
Corn, Sweet, Argent White Hybrid
Cucumber, Straight 8
Lettuce, Buttercrunch
Lettuce, Salad Bowl Mixed
Okra, Burgundy
Onion, Bunching, White Libson Erect
Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod II
Pepper, California Wonder
Pepper, Jalapeno
Pumpkin, Connecticut Field
Radish, Early Scarlet Globe
Radish, National
Snap Bean, Greencrop
Snap Bean, Romano
Snap Bean, Roma II
Spinach, Bloomsdale
Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck
Squash, Scallop, Early White
Squash, Zucchini
Squash, Zucchini, Grey
Tomato, Ace 55 VF
Watermelon, Cal Sweet
Asian Vegetables
Bok Choy, White Stem Pechay
Cabbage, Chinese, Michihli
Onion, Bunching, Tokyo Long White
Pea, Sugar, Mammoth Melting
Radish, Giant, Minowase Daikon

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