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Kentucky bluegrass seed 

kentucky bluegrass seed
Specializing in custom blends, mixtures and site specific seed for your individual golf course requirements.
Stover Seed provides numerous products and services that benefit the golf course superintendent and the golf industry as a whole. Since we are an independent distributor, our ability to custom order, blend and deliver products to satisfy each course's individual needs, is without equal.
We can create custom blends and mixtures for situations such as high salinity, Gray Leaf Spot and other diseases, reclaimed water use and other special circumstances. Stover Seed has developed fertilizers for kikuyu grass, bermudagrass and paspalum use in either potable or reclaimed water conditions. These specifically designed fertilizers have higher micronutrient levels plus humic acids and soil penetrants for better color and disease resistance.
Stover Seed also supplies wildflowers, often used to add seasonal color, habitat enhancement and aid in Audubon designation. We carry over 75 different species of flowers, sold individually or mixed to fit a specific situation. Stock mixtures include hummingbird/butterfly, partial shade, mountain, southwest desert, coastal, low profile and California natives.
"They return my phone calls promptly and deliver their products on time. I appreciate their quality service. Stover is not the cheapest, but they're not the most expensive; I think my reason for doing business with them comes down to my feeling that I receive the best service from Stover."
--Golf Course Manager

We are active in helping golf courses
design native grass seed mixtures for
roughs and out-of-bounds areas.
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Warm Season Grasses

Common hulled
Common unhulled
  • Sultan
  • Transcontinental
  • Riviera
  • LaPrima Blend

  • Hybrid
  • Princess
  • Contessa

  • Buffalograss
    Centipede (pdf)

    AZ-1 Kikuyugrass
  • AZ-1 Cultural Guide

  • Whittet Kikuyugrass
  • Kikuyu Best Management Practice
       .pdf | .doc

  • Kikuyu Fertilizers
  • Kikuyu Plus 12-1-4/PW
    (for potable water)
  • Kikuyu Plus 2-8-8/RW
    (for reclaimed water)

  • Sea Spray Seashore Paspalum


    Cool Season Grasses

    Creeping Bent Grasses
    Dominant Extreme
    Dominant Plus
    Penn A-4
    Penn G6
    Seaside II
    SR 1019
    SR 1020
    SR 1119
    SR 7200 Velvet
    Fine Fescues
    Fine Fescue Blend *New Mix
    Stover Hard Fescue
    Chewings Fescue
    Creeping Red Fescue
    Sheep Fescue
    Slender Red Fescue
    Perennial Ryegrass Blends
    VIP 3
    Grand Slam
    Grand Slam FS
    Grand Slam GLR
    Grand Slam Saline
    Champion GQ
    Manhattan 5GLR
    Specialty Grasses
    Texas Bluegrass
    Poa Trivialis
    Poa Supina
    True Putt Creeping Bluegrass

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