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Erosion Control Seeds

erosion control seed
flower seedsIn this section, you'll find products that help prevent soil erosion and minimize sedimentation.
Stover Seed Company also offers products that promote dust control, improve slope retention and help comply with strict Federal Clean Water Regulations.
Stover Seed is known in the industry for our exceptional custom seed mixes. About 85% of our erosion control products are customized mixes created for the customers' specific region, site and desired end results.
Take a look at our product offerings to the right and let us help you get control of erosion.
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Erosion Control Products

Grass Seed Blends
Pacific Meadow Mix
Dryland Erosion Mix
Hillside Erosion Control Mix
California Native Grass Mix
Fire & Erosion Control Mix
California Horse Trail
Wildfire Blends (Grass & Wildflowers)
Wildfire Seed Mix #1
Wildfire Seed Mix #2
Wildfire Seed Mix #3*
*Recommended by County of San Diego Dept. of Agriculture
Wildfire Seed Mix #4
Mulch & Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)
Environ-Fiber Premium Cellulose Fiber Mulch
Eco-Fibre Mulch
Binders, Tackifiers, Compost, Mycorrhizal Inoculum & Fertilizer
Environ-Mend Organic Binder
Environ-Guar Organic Binder
MycoApply Endonet
MycoApply Endo

"I like Stover's competitive pricing and they're very easy to work with. I have a lot of funny projects that require odd requests; each of my clients has a different need so Stover Seed is very accommodating."
--Hydroseed Contractor

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