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Photo on the right: This glorious photo of California wildflowers was taken in the California Temblor Range, about 100 NW of our offices. According to the photographer, Frank Kees, the predominant flowers in the photo are Phacelia, Blazing Star and Tidy Tips.

Nasturtium Jewel Mixed Tropaeolum majus


Perennial. Usually grown as an annual. Native to the Andes. Semi double, slightly ruffled fragrant flowers. Non-trailing bush variety 18 inches tall. The flowers are held well above the foilage for a colorful display all summer long.

Moss Verbena Verbena tenuisecta

Moss Verbena

Perennial, fast spreading, flowering ground cover. The finely divided, deep green foliage grows to about 12 inches in height and spreads two to three feet. Moss Verbena is covered with small clusters of lavender/purple flowers in spring and summer.

Mission Red Monkeyflower Mimulus puniceus

Mission Red Monkeyflower

Perennial shrub. Native to California. Very showy red tubular flowers. Grows 2 to 4 feet high with equal spread.



Native to Mexico. Very popular, easy to grow annual. Yellow, orange and red shades on compact, bushy plants 12 to 15 inches high. Very good drought tolerance.

Spring Fever Wildflower Mixture

Spring Fever

This mixture of annual plants provides a bright, colorful array of flowers through spring. An easy growing, quick establishing mix, Spring Fever thrives in a wide range of climates and soil conditions. Fall planting results in an earlier and longer blooming period, early spring planting is successful with supplemental irrigation.

Southwest Desert Wildflower Mixture

Southwest Desert

Description This hardy mixture will provide bright, showy, spring flowers that will reseed year after year, with or without irrigation. Grows 1 to 2 feet tall. Drought tollerant. Uses Hillsides, vacant lots, roadsides, anywhere color is desired in hot desert climates. Seeding Rates One ounce to 125 square feet. For non-irrigated areas sow in late […]


Low Profile

This mixture of low-growing Annuals and Perennials will provide bright spring color in non-irrigated settings, or flower color the year round when irrigated. Grows 1 – 2 feet tall. Drought tolerant.

California Native Wildflower Mix

California Native

Description A mixture of annual & perennial wildflowers and native shrubs up to 4 feet tall. Uses Slopes, ground cover, erosion control, meadow. Seeding Rates One ounce covers up to 250 square feet. Plant in full sun. Care Will flower most of the year when irrigated. Components of Mixture White Yarrow Farewell-To-Spring Chinese Houses California […]

California Wildflower Mixture


A mixture of colorful wildflowers adaptable to a wide range of soils and climates in California. Gives bloom over a long period and will reseed. Grows 1 to 4 feet high.



A mixture of mostly native species commonly found in the Sierra foothills and Yosemite.

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