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Photo on the right: This glorious photo of California wildflowers was taken in the California Temblor Range, about 100 NW of our offices. According to the photographer, Frank Kees, the predominant flowers in the photo are Phacelia, Blazing Star and Tidy Tips.


Description Perennial ryegrasses are very competitive cool season grasses that grow in a wide range of climates. It does best in full sun but will tolerate light shade. Desirable traits of perennial ryegrass are high wear tolerance and rapid establishment making it popular for sportsfields, playgrounds and parks. Grand Slam FS is a blend of […]


Grand Slam™

Description A superior blend like perennial ryegrass blend of four elite turf-type perennial ryegrasses seed are specifically blended for California. These grasses are improved second and third generation varieties and represent the top performers in recent USDA turf trials. Characteristics FEATURES: Excellent seedling vigor Fine texture Higher density Dwarf leaf orientation Dark blue-green color High […]


Description Penncross is a forgiving bentgrass that establishes rapidly and recovers quickly from injury and divots. Good heat and wear tolerance. Characteristics FEATURES: Uniform, fine leaf texture Dark green color Uniform growth habit Higher tiller density Higher heat tolerance Low mowability BENEFITS: Improved overall appearance Lower fertilizer requirement Even putting surface Improved playability Improved summer […]


Description Cypress rough stalked bluegrass is a dark green fine textured, quick establishing cool season perennial grass. It prefers a cool moist soil and is a common ingredient in mixtures for shady areas due to its high shade tolerance. Characteristics FEATURES: Quick germinating Dark green color Prostrate growth habit Shade tolerance Low heat tolerance BENEFITS: […]

Buffalo Grass

Description Buffalograss is a permanent, low-growing, warm season grass. It produces vigorous runners and stolons and exhibits excellent drought and wear tolerance. Since it is a warm season grass, it will go dormant and turn brown in the winter months and green up in the spring. Characteristics FEATURES: Outstanding heat tolerance Needs little to no […]

Kikuyugrass, Whittet

Kikuyugrass, Whittet

DISCLAIMER: Kikuyu grass seed is available but by law shipments are restricted to the states of Arizona, Hawaii and the southern counties of California. Please contact us for pricing and information.   Description Kikuyugrass is a vigorous, warm season grass that spreads by rhizomes and runners. It is native to tropical Africa and was first […]

Arden 15

Description Arden 15 is the successor variety to Princess 77 Hybrid Bermudagrass. It was developed out of the same breeding program by Dr. Arden Baltensperger and shares many of the same characteristics as Princess 77. According to test data, Arden 15 shares the same turf quality, density and texture ratings as Princess 77 but with […]


Bermuda Dunes™ Improved Bermudagrass Blend

Description A blend of the best improved bermudagrasses available. Bermuda Dunes offers the best qualities in seeded varieties. The varieties used in this blend are of medium fine texture with much improved density over common bermuda. Because of these qualities, Bermuda Dunes exhibits improved wear tolerance making it an ideal choice for sportsfields or high […]

Pro Sports Field Ultra™

Description A truly unique product that combines the world’s first hybrid, seeded bermudagrass with the latest improvements in Perennial Ryegrasses. These grasses provide the best combination of quick establishment, durability and attractiveness in all seasons. It will withstand low mowing heights with the Princess going as low as 3/16 inch. Princess performs better than many […]

Pro Sports Field Supreme™

Description The best product in the “Pro Sportsfield” family, the “Supreme” is a mixture of improved perennial ryegrasses with the new “Sultan” bermudagrass. These grasses provide the best combination of quick establishment, durability and attractiveness in all seasons. It will withstand low mowing and develop into a dense turf able to withstand regular sportsfield uses. […]

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