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Stover’s nearly 100 years has brought together an unbeatable team of seed professionals that you can rely upon for knowledge, having the stock you need when you need it, and delivering new seed products to solve perennial problems.

Photo on the right: This glorious photo of California wildflowers was taken in the California Temblor Range, about 100 NW of our offices. According to the photographer, Frank Kees, the predominant flowers in the photo are Phacelia, Blazing Star and Tidy Tips.


Description EarthGuard® is a proprietary blend of chemistry specifically designed to dramatically reduce erosion and silt pollution caused by rain and wind. EarthGuard’s high molecular weight combined with its specific charge density gives it a superior strength and the ability for maintaining soil integrity. Very little product is required for protection of the soil aggregate […]


ENVIRON-FIBER is a premium hydroseeding mulch, consisting of 100% wood cellulose recycled from newsprint but contains no slick paper commonly incorporated in similar products. Slick paper negatively affects the water holding capacity of a mulch and can potentialy cause the mulch to draw moisture out of the soil and away for the seed. This select blend of fibers produces high water-holding capacity and provides an optimum insulated environment for seed germination. ENVIRON-FIBER is dyed a rich dark green to assist in visual metering and contains no growth or germination inhibiting factors.

Wildfire Seed Mix #4

This mixture contains fast establishing, reseeding annual legumes and wildflowers. Crimson Clover: Easy to establish annual, 6 to 30 inches high. African Daisy: Popular for winter and spring color. Quick establishing. Reseeds. Arroyo Lupine and California Poppy: Popular native wildflowers add winter and spring color as well as soil binding properties.

MycoApply EndoNet

Description MycoApply EndoNet mycorrhizal granular inoculum consists of a proven species of endomycorrhizal fungi for use in restoration . This beneficial fungus builds a natural microbial system, which greatly enhance plant growth, vigor and tolerance of environmental extremes. MycoApply EndoNet is a granular material containing Glomus intraradices that colonizes roots and extends into the surrounding […]

Environ-Guar™ Organic Binder

Environ-Guar is a food grade, hydrolyzed powder. Environ-Guar is used as a cost effective binding agent and lubricant during the hydro,mulching process. It has been shown to assist in the even dispersal of fiber and mulch and other materials contained in slurry mixes. Environ-Guar has water holding capacities and has superior tacking capabilities. 100% organic, biodegradable, plant derivative and is non-toxic to plants or animals. Environ-Guar will not contaminate water sources such as streams, lakes or ground water supplies. Product creates a slick surface, use care to avoid slipping. Environ-Guar has proven to be effective in holding fiber in place, improving grass stands and reducing overall erosion.

Environ-Mend™ Organic Binder

Environ-Mend is a natural, 100% psyllium fiber derived from the outer coating of the seed. It is a solid beige-tan powder used as a binding agent with hydroseeding mulch for seeding or erosion control applications. Environ-Mend has proven to be effective in holding fiber in place, improving grass stands and reducing overall erosion. It is a stable non-toxic dust with no components listed as carcinogens.


co Aegis I has been designed to control wind or rain erosion on sloped surfaces during good growing conditions. It provides temporary control of erosion until vegetation can become established or construction continues. It is hydraulically applied to the soil as viscous mixture which creates three-dimensional blanket that adheres to the soil surface. Upon drying, the matrix shall form a high-strength, porous and erosion-resistant mat that shall not inhibit the germination and growth of plants in and beneath the layer. Eco Aegis I is 100% biodegradable over time and non-toxic to fish and wildlife.

Eco-Fibre Mulch

EcoFibre® for use in hydraulically planting grass stolon, grass seed or other seeds, either alone or in combination with fertilizers and other approved additives, EcoFibre is a fully biodegradable, Hydraulic Mulch (HM) composed of 100% recycled Thermally Refined™ wood fibers. Wood composed of 100% recycled long strand, thermally refined (within a pressure vessel) wood fibers that have been pressure treated to 80 – 85 psi (552 – 586 kPa) with steam and heat treated for 15 minutes at 380 – 440 degrees Fahrenheit (193 – 226 degrees Celsius). The HM is phytosanitized, free from plastic netting and forms a bond with the soil surface to create a porous and absorbent erosion layer that enhances germination and plant growth. The EcoFibre wood fibers are colored green with a non-toxic dye to facilitate visual metering during application. EcoFibre versatility allows it to be highly effective in many applications: erosion control, slope stabilization, dust abatement, landscape design, land development, and golf course construction.

Dryland Erosion Mix

This mixture contains quick establishing annual and perennial grasses and legumes. It is designed to be used in Non-irrigated situations where fast erosion control is needed.

Trailing Saltbush

Trailing Saltbush

Evergreen, low growing shrub/ground cover. Grows to 12 inches high, with a 1 to 6 foot spread. Excellent gray-green foliage. Deep rooted. Very drought tolerant. Easy to establish.

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