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Paspalum Grass Advantages: Why Should You Choose Paspalum?

Paspalum grass, otherwise known as saltgrass, thrives in a salt-tolerant, warm weathered area. This is why it’s often found in more coastal regions. All types of golf courses near large bodies of saltwater will tend to use this type of grass. It is one of the most adaptable turfgrass varieties available, which is why a lot of sports fields also like to use it. An unknown fact about seashore paspalum is that it can remove toxicities from water and soil, improving areas so that they are in a stable condition. The advantages of paspalum grass will better educate you on why you should choose this type of grass.

1. Salt Tolerance

Paspalum grass is best known for its salt tolerance. This reputation in sustainability has allowed paspalum to outgrow other grasses in areas with heavy sea spray, excessive water irrigation and more sodic soils. Unlike seashore paspalum, Bermuda grass is not tolerable to salt at all. It’s actually near the bottom of the list of salt-tolerant grasses. This makes paspalum grass stand out from the rest.

If you think that this grass is hard to maintain, it’s time to think again. Seashore paspalum grass maintenance is fairly easy. It grows at a rapid pace in any areas close to saltwater. This means, for the most part, you can leave the grass alone and it will continue to grow itself.

2. Low Light Tolerance

Unlike other popular types of grasses, paspalum grass is extremely tolerable to low light. Areas with minimal sunlight and more cloud coverage find paspalum grass seed to be the most effective. If a sports stadium is in an area with less sunlight, they often choose paspalum as their turfgrass of choice.

3. Rapid Root Development

The roots of paspalum grass grow much faster than other turfgrasses. This makes paspalum the optimal choice, as more projects can get up and running quicker than if they were to use Bermuda grass. The faster growing time allows for lower planting rates, which can lead to saving more money as time goes on.

4. Striping

The one unique advantage that paspalum grass has is striping. Most grasses will not show off this distinct effect as saltgrass does. Paspalum appears as a shiny dark green color when presented. Due to the amount of wax found on the grass’ roots that give it this color, a lawn mower can make striping patterns with just one pass. Most other grasses need multiple lawnmower passes for this to work even remotely.

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Paspalum grass is known for its dark green color and its saltwater tolerance. It can often be found in coastal regions where there is more sun and saltwater in the air. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it can only be used in these areas. The low light tolerance that paspalum grass has is very uncommon in most turfgrass. This means that even in cloudy areas or places with less sunlight, paspalum grass can still grow extremely fast. The rapid root development that it possesses and extreme durability means that excessive foot traffic that usually occurs on sports fields and golf courses has less of an impact on this type of grass in comparison to others. The recovery time that paspalum grass has will still allow it to grow back faster than Bermuda grass and other types of turfgrass.

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