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Great Central Valley California Wildflower Series

Great Central Valley California Wildflower Series


A wide variety of Annuals, Perennials and native species suited for interior valleys.

Great Central Valley California Wildflower Series
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Seeding Rates

1/2 ounce covers approximately 100 to 125 square feet.

Components of Mixture

African Daisy, Alyssum, Arroyo Lupine, Baby Blue Eyes, Bird's Eye, Black-Eyed Susan, Blue-Eyed Grass, California Blue Bells, California Poppy, Catchfly, Chinese Houses, Coreopsis, Farewell-to-Spring, Five Spot, Painted Daisy, Purple Coneflower, Red Flax, Tidy Tips, White Yarrow

The wildflower seeds contained in this mixture have been commercially produced in fields planted for seed production. No seeds were collected in native habitats.


Packets available in 1/2 oz. size. Approximately 15,000 seeds per packet.
Larger quantities are available. Please contact us for additional information and a quotation.

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