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Low Profile Wildflower Mixture

Low Profile Wildflower Mixture

This mixture of low-growing Annuals and Perennials will provide bright spring color in non-irrigated settings, or flower color the year round when irrigated. Grows 1 - 2 feet tall. Drought tolerant.

Low Profile Wildflower Mixture
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Hillsides, vacant lots, anywhere color is desired.

Seeding Rates

One ounce covers 125 square feet. For non-irrigated areas sow in fall or winter. Germination rates vary among varities.

Components of Mixture

White Alyssum, African Daisy, California Poppy, Dwarf California Poppy, Gazania, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Pigmy-leaved Lupine, Baby BLue Eyes, California Blue Bell, Phlox, Plantago, Sweet William, Sea Lavender, White Clump Daisy,
(Species may vary and substitutions made depending upon availability.)


Packets available in 1/2 oz. size. Approximately 10,000 seeds per packet.
Larger quantities are available. Please contact us for additional information and a quotation.

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