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Dichondra Warm-Season Ground Cover

Dichondra Warm-Season Ground Cover

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Dichondra is a low growing perennial ground cover that forms a lush, dense carpet. It performs best in warm, mild climates like Southern California and Arizona and with some success in Texas and Florida. Dichondra is bright green in color, with round to kidney shaped leaves. It spreads from creeping stolons and underground rhizomes. Roots are shallow, fibrous and grow to a depth of about twelve inches.

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Low-growing ground cover
Needs less mowing than most grasses
Fair shade tolerance
High water need
Poor traffic tolerance

Susceptible to insects and diseases in humid areas.
Will not tolerate temperatures below 25 degrees F.


Lawns. Ground Cover. Certain landscape situations such as between stepping stones, around trees and next to walls and fountains.

Seeding Rates

New turf: Sow one pound to 250-300 square feet.
Overseeding: Sow one pound to 400-500 square feet.


Germination: 14-21 days. Sow seed in spring or summer months.

Adaptability & Care

Fertilization: Fertilize during growing season.
Mowing height: .5 -1.5 inches.
Frequent watering in warm weather.

Ingredients & Specifications

Dichondra repens
95% Minimum purity (exclusive of coating material).
80% Minimum germination.
500,000 seeds per pound.

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