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Dryland Erosion

Dryland Erosion


This mixture contains quick establishing annual and perennial grasses and legumes. It is designed to be used in Non-irrigated situations where fast erosion control is needed.




Reseeding plants Re-establishes year after year
Fair Acid and Alkali tolerance Tolerant of poor soils
2 types of Legumes Naturally adds Nitrogen into the soil


Supplemental range land pasture for all purposes.
Also excellent for soil conservation and erosion control.

Seeding Rates

New seeding: 60 pounds per acre.


Germination in 10-14 days with irrigation.
Recommended eastblishment before grazing: 90-120 days.

Quality Assurance

“Dryland Erosion Control” is a registered trademark of Stover Seed Company and is available only from Stover Seed or an authorized dealer. Accept no substitutions.

Ingredients & Specifications

Vulpia myuros / Zorro Fescue
Agropyron cristatum / Crested wheatgrass “Nordan”
Medicago sativa / Alfalfa “Moapa“
Trifolium Hirtum / Rose Clover “Hykon”
Festuca arundinacea / tall fescue

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