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Environ-Mend Organic Binder

Organic Binder


Environ-Mend is a natural, 100% psyllium fiber derived from the outer coating of the seed. It is a solid beige-tan powder used as a binding agent with hydroseeding mulch for seeding or erosion control applications. Environ-Mend has proven to be effective in holding fiber in place, improving grass stands and reducing overall erosion. It is a stable non-toxic dust with no components listed as carcinogens.


Active Ingredient:

% Protein content
% Settleable solids
1% Solution pH
% Total Nitrogen

100% Psyllium



Environ-Mend may be applied as a wet slurry or to dry surfaces in the following applications. To be used in well ventilated areas with a dust mask, goggles and rubber gloves for safety measures. The material is slippery when wet, sweep up any spills and avoid washing them down.

• Erosion control • Dust Control • Caltrans compliant
• Binding agent • Seeding applications

Seeding Rates

40 to 160 pounds per acre depending on degree of slope.

Prepare the slurry by mixing seed, mulch, fertilizer, Environ-Mend and water in the tank in the amounts specified. Add all material slowly and mix thoroughly.
It should be stored in a cool dry place.


50 lb. heavy duty paper bags.
Palletized at 40 bags/pallet (2,000 lb.)

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