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Managing Golf Course Grass Seed: From Science to Art

As advances in golf course grass seed development continue, the best turfgrass seed suppliers are discovering fantastic new ways to improve the turf experience for golfers who want to make the most out of their game. The delivery of new types of turf grass seeds intended to offer precision environments for casual to expert players, means that it’s possible to provide the ideal firmness, salinity, and topography for golf courses.

Today, top-level seed companies are learning everything they need to know about salt-tolerant grass seed, and unique turf solutions, to supply golf course superintendents with the best turf grass seed for their needs.

New Tools Emerge for Golfing Greens

In the past, the Stimpmeter was the only tool golf course superintendents could use to measure the quality of putting greens. While the Stimpmeter was useful, maintaining the best golf course grass seed means ensuring the firmness of putting greens, and the right consistency for uninterrupted games.

Previously, examining firmness was a highly subjective process based on watching the way golf shots reacted. Today, we have the USGA TruFirm to help measure firmness objectively, and achieve better consistency in playing conditions. Combined with soil moisture meters, we can see how tools like the TruFirm are helping to enhance golf conditions and experiences in all golf course grass types.

The Science of Turf Grass Seeds

The science of managing various golf course grass types has continued to evolve over the years. However, maintenance, and challenges like choosing the best grass types remain a primary concern for superintendents.

Perhaps the best solution may be for superintendents to combine the new science of golf course maintenance technology, with the art of empirically exploring the traditional golf course. Taking the time to try out new turf grass seeds, play a few holes, or explore the course also helps create the best environment for golfers.

Though it is essential to keep up with the science of golf course grass seed, it’s important for superintendents to maintain the art of golf course management as well.

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