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Identify the Merits Wildflowers Bring to Municipal Parks

Wildflowers are known for their versatility and color. Being one of the most popular flowers out there, professional gardeners love wildflowers for their ease of growth and beauty. Interestingly, having a wildflower mix is now becoming extremely popular for Municipal Parks as well.

The Benefits of Wildflowers for City Parks

A wildflower seed mix can do wonders for a municipal park. From attracting parasitic insects that provide natural pest control to aiding pollinators, these flowering plants can change how a golf course looks and feels.

In recent years, golf courses have started to focus on how they can reduce the need for mowing, irrigation, maintenance, and pesticide application. This is because maintenance requires a lot of time and money. Accordingly, many professional gardeners have tapped into natural ways of maintaining a city parks.

This is where wildflowers come into the picture. Wildflower plantings can help with conserving insect pollinators while saving time and money.

What Does the Research Say?

According to a study by the University of Florida, planting wildflowers can help with pest management. The author of the study is Adam Dale and also the assistant professor of entomology at the institute. He mentioned that wildflowers can attract insects that actually attack pests in city parks. Moreover, wildflowers don’t require fertilizers, mowing, and water like other plants in a park can.

At the same time, city parks can also help in conserving some of the most important insects. Urban green spaces, like city parks, urban gardens, and golf courses, attract a lot of diverse insects.

Without wildflowers, the golf course might not be attractive enough for pollinators. This is because, even though golf courses have a lot of vegetated space, much of the area is not actually used by the golfers. They tend to use the same portions on the golf course regularly. Moreover, there are various areas on the golf course that are full of turfgrass, which is not that attractive to pollinators and other insects as compared to plants like wildflowers. Plus, these areas still require mowing, fertilizer, and watering. Accordingly, wildflowers require simple modifications to the golf courses but offer a lot of benefits.


From versatility to ease of growth, wildflowers are one of the best flowers to grow in your backyard, as well as on the golf course. To get a high-quality wildflower mix, get in touch with Stover Seed today. Since 1992, Stover Seed has served professionals with its purified and diverse flowering seeds. Contact the representatives of Stover Seed today to find the best wildflower seed mix in North America.

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