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Hydroseeding a Cost-effective Erosion Prevention Practice

Soil erosion is one of the most prevalent problems when it comes to landscaping, especially if the area is uneven or hilly. Many people rely on erosion control grass seeds in order to avoid erosion. However, hydroseeding offers a much more cost-effective and qualitative alternative. The following blog discusses hydroseeding in much more detail.

What Exactly Is Hydroseeding?
It is a planting process that helps with erosion control. It is an alternative to traditional methods of sowing dry seeds. Also known as hydroseeding, mulch seeding, and hydro-mulching, hydroseeding erosion control simply utilizes a slurry made up of seed and mulch. This slurry is sprayed over the concerned area layer by layer. Accordingly, hydroseeding is a great way to cultivate germination growth without spending a lot on hillside erosion control products.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

1.  Cost-effective
The apparent benefit of erosion control grass seed is that the process is quite cost-effective. It is a very economical option for promoting seed germination and avoiding soil erosion without spending a lot of time, money, and material on the entire process. In fact, some professionals suggest that hydroseeding is almost 50 percent less expensive than the overall cost of sod. Hydroseeding is also quite cost-effective in comparison to hand seeding. For instance, it can take almost half a day for hand seeding. However, hydroseeding may require just one or two hours for the entire process to be completed.

2. Quality
The hydroseeding process is also well-known for the quality of the results. The pasture after hydroseeding is likely to be more green, healthy, and long-lasting as compared to sodding or hand seeding. This is because hydroseeding soil can hold moisture better. Most importantly, the hydroseeding mix can be customized according to the grass seed preferences.

3. Safe for the Environment
The slurry mixtures used in this process are safe and non-toxic as compared to erosion control products. At the same time, hydroseeding is also safe for children and pets. Hence, hydroseeding can be done for all kinds of purposes without fearing for the safety of children and pets.

4. It Can Retain Water
The slurry can also hold almost ten times its own weight when it is mixed with water. This is because slurry has an excellent capacity to retain water. This moisture level allows for seed germination to occur quickly, usually in 3–5 days. The gradual bonding and germination eventually help in preventing corrosion.

5. HydroSeeding Is a Versatile Method
Hydroseeding caters to different kinds of seed varieties. Hydroseeding mixtures can include field mixes, ryegrass, pasture mixes, wildflowers, and even tackifiers—whatever the plant calls for.

Hydroseeding is one of the best methods for controlling soil erosion and promoting seed germination. The technique simply involves spraying a slurry on the concerned area. This method works so well because it is quick and cost-effective. Accordingly, farmers using this method will have to rely on something other than traditional methods and products in order to inhibit soil erosion. To learn more, contact us!

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