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How Benefits of Fine Fescue Makes it Suitable for all kinds of lawns

If you are looking for a beautiful shade grass for your lawn, Fine Fescue should be at the top of the list. This type of grass has a fine texture and a gorgeous green color. It offers a large number of benefits that make it perfect for home lawns, parks, side of the roads, and more. Here are just a few of the benefits of Fine Fescue and why it is ideal for all lawns and grassy areas.

Handles All Types of Sunlit Conditions

While some grasses do better in direct sunlight or complete shade, Chewings Fine Fescue can thrive in all sunlight conditions. This is a shade-tolerant grass, meaning it does well in shaded conditions. However, this type of grass also does well planted in direct sunlight even in the heat of the summer. This makes it ideal for any type of yard, regardless of whether you have large shaded areas, wide-open spaces, or a combination of the two.

Fine Fescue Grass Can Thrive in Poor Soil

You don’t need perfect soil conditions for this type of grass to survive. It can do well in a variety of soil conditions including rocky or sandy conditions. If the soil is more of a clay mixture or offers little nitrogen, it will not slow down this grass. You also do not need to use an excessive amount of fertilizer with Chewings Fine Fescue either.

It Germinates Quickly

If you want your grass to grow quickly, Chewings Fine Fescue is ideal. This grass type boasts a fast germination rate, much faster than other types of grass. However, even though it germinates quickly, it does not become fully established for some time. You will notice signs of this grass within 10 to 14 days of planting but for the grass to fully establish itself in the soil, it can take up to eight weeks. When seeding, avoid the summer months and consider cooler months.

Little Mowing Is Needed

You can mow this grass to give a more uniform look or you may choose to let it grow long, which creates a more meadow-like appearance. This not only makes maintenance simple but you can easily have the look you desire for your yard. If you leave this grass un-mowed, you can expect the grass to grow up to 12 to 15 inches tall.

At Stover Seed Company, we offer a customized mixture and blends of seeds, helping you have the perfect lawn. Contact us today if you have any questions on Chewings Fine Fescue and to purchase all of your grass seed supplies.

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