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Zones Seeding Ratelbs./acre 

Season Type Height (inches) Forage Use Drought Toler-ance 

Alkaline/Salt Tolerance 

Acid Toler-ance 

Soil Type Fire Retar-dant 

Calif-ornia Native 


Puccinella distans
Variety: Fults, often used for turf. 1,2,4 120 Cool Bunch 12-24 P F E F ALL . .
Hordeum vulgare
Winter annual. Cereal grain. Grows fast. Does not reseed. 1,2 150 Cool Bunch 30+ P F G F S . .
Barley, Meadow
Hordeum brachyantherum
Fast Growing. Ideal nurse crop for long-lived native grasses. Short-lived. 1,2,4,5 25 Cool Bunch 12-18 F F E F ALL .

Blue Gramma
Bouteloua gracilis
Ornamental densely tufted, stoloniferous. Long-lived. ALL 30 Warm Bunch 6-24 F E G F ALL .

Bluegrass, Big
Poa ampla
Variety: Rubens, high elevati.on, low fertility 1,2,5 30 Cool Bunch 24 G G P F S . .
Bluegrass, Canada
Poa compressa
Shade tolerant, low growing. Roadsides, recreation areas. 4,5 80 Cool Sod 12-24 G G P G C . .
Blue Wildrye
Elymus glaucus
Fast growing, good for site stabilization. Adapted to shady, woodland, forest environments.Short-lived. 1,2,4,5 30 Cool Bunch 12-40 F G F F ALL .

Buffalo Grass
Buchaloe dactyloides
Best on clay soils, also used for turf. Native to Great Plains. 1 30 Warm Sod 1-12 P G G F C . .
Brome, Blando
Bromus mollis
Quick erosion control, annual, reseeds, below 4000’ also called Soft Chess. 1,2,4 50 Cool Bunch 1-24 E VG F F ALL . .
Brome, Red
Bromus rubens
Good for soil stabilization. Annual. Reseeds. 1,2,4 20 Cool Bunch 2-18 P E VG F ALL . .
Brome, Smooth
Bromis inermis
Variety: Manchar, easy to establish, high elevation, good soil stabilizer. 1,4,5 15 Cool Sod 13-24 VG VG G F ALL . .
Fescue, California
Festuca californica
Tall, ornamental. Tolerant of shape and serpintine soils. Long-lived. 1,2,4,5 30 Cool Bunch 24-36 F G G G ALL .

Fescue, California Red Native
Festuca rubra ‘molate’
Attractive fine bladed rhizomatous grass. Can be mown. Long-lived, California Native cultivar ‘Molate Blue’. 1,2,4,5 30 Cool Sod 12-24 F VG G G ALL .
Fescue, Idaho
Festuca idahoensis
Ornamental, fine bladed. Summer dormant. Native to Western U.S. 1,2,4,5 25 Cool Bunch 12-18 F VG G G ALL .

Fescue, Hard
Festuca longifolia
Varieties: Reliant, Atilla, Waldina. Hot areas require irrigation; fine texture, shade. 1,2,4,5 150 Cool Bunch 12-18 F G F G ALL . .
Fescue, Sheep
Festuca ovina
Variety: Covar, MX-86, shade tolerant. Use as ground cover, or in wildflower mixtures. 1,4,5 150 Cool Bunch 12-18 G G FG G R,S . .
Fescue, Zorro (Foxtail)
Festuca megalura
Native, annual, reseeds, adapted to much of arid California. Extensive root system. 1,2 20 Cool Bunch 6-24 G E VG VG ALL .

Fountain Grass
Pennisetum ruppelii
Popular for non-irrigated highway use. Attractive plants. 1,2,3 3 Warm Bunch 12-48 P VG VG F ALL . .
Needlegrass, Purple
Nassella pulchra
Fine bladed, tufted. Good on disturbed slopes. 1,2,4,5 20 Cool Bunch 12-24 P VG F F C .

Needlegrass, Desert
Achnatherum speciosum
Densely tufted. Occurring in arid mountain slopes of southeast California. Long-lived. 2,3,5 15 Cool Bunch 12-24 P E F F ALL .

Dactylis glomerata
Varieties: Paiute. Long-lived perennial. 1,2,4,5 20 Cool Bunch 24-36 E VG G F C . .
Purple Three-Awn
Aristida purpurea
Ornamental, tufted bunchgrass with nodding reddish panicles. Easily established from seed. ALL 15 Warm Bunch 12-24 P E F F ALL .  

Reed Canarygrass
Phalaris arundinacea
Best on poor drained soils, cool areas. Forage and erosion control. 1,4,5 20 Cool Sod 24-96 VG P F VG C . .
Sudan Grass
Sorghum vulgare
Variety: Piper. Best for hay or pasture. 2,3 20 Warm Bunch 48+ VG VG F F ALL . .
Pheleum pratense
Cool, moist areas, shade tolerant, higher elevations. Does not tolerate drought or heat. 4,5 80 Cool Bunch 24-36 E P P P C . .
Weeping Lovegrass
Eragrostis curvula
Establishes rapidly, short lived, lacks winter hardiness. 1,2,4 25 Warm Bunch 24-48 G G F G S . .
Wimmera Ryegrass
Lolium rigidum
Reseeding annual, adapted to heavy soils. Earlier maturing. 1,2,4 50 Cool Bunch 25-30 F F F F C . .
Wheatgrass, Crested
Agropyron cristatum
Varieties: Fairway, Nordan, also used for turf. Easily established. 5 30 Cool Bunch 13-24 G E F F ALL . .
Wheatgrass, Intermediate
Agropyron intermedium
Variety: Tegmar, lower growing; Oahe, shade tolerant. 5 15 Cool Sod 15-30 G VG F F C . .
Wheatgrass, Pubescent
Agropyron trichophorum
Varieties: Luna, Topar, similar to intermediate. Good erosion control. Late maturing. 5 40 Cool Sod 13-24 E VG F F C . .
Wheatgrass, Slender
Agropyron trachycaulum
Tall, fast growing. Good for site stabilization, short-lived. 1,2,4,5 Cool Bunch 13-24 G E F F ALL .

Wheatgrass, Streambank
Agropyron riparium
Shade tolerant, low growing. Roadsides, recreation areas. 5 15 Cool Sod 12-20 F VG G F C . .
Wheatgrass, Tall
Agropyron elongatum
Abundant forage, poorly drained soils. 1,4,5 20 Cool Bunch 25-30 G G E F C . .


Medicago sativa
Hay pasture or erosion control, deep rooted. Easily established. 1,2,4 20 Cool N/A 13-25 E G G P ALL . .
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Lotus corniculatus
Wet & poorly drained sites, hay, pasture or erosion control. Long-lived, deep rooted, yellow flowers. 1,2,4 10 Cool N/A 12-18 G F P G C

Clover, Alsike
Trifolium hybridum
Shade tolerant, cool, moist sites. 1,4 20 Cool N/A 12-18 G F F P C . .
Clover, Crimson
Trifolium incarnatum
Best along coast. Annual. Reseeds. 1,4 25 Cool N/A 12-30 VG F F G S,C . .
Clover, Ladino
Trifolium repens latum
Variety of white clover with thicker stems and stolons. Large growth form. 1,2,4,5 25 Cool N/A 12-18 VG F F G C . .
Clover, Red
Trifolium pratense
Cool, moist sites. 1,4 15 Cool N/A 20-25 E G P P C . .
Clover Rose
Trifolium hirtum
Variety: Hykon, will grow on very poor sites. Heavy reseeder, slow establishment. Dryland pasture. 1,2 30 Cool N/A 6-18 G VG G G ALL . .
Clover Strawberry
Trifolium fragiferum
Variety: O’Connors, very popular in Southern California for erosion control. Short, creeping, easy to establish. 1,2,4,5 15 Cool N/A 6-12 G F VG G ALL

Clover, Subterranean
Trifolium subterraneum
Variety: Mt. Barker 1,2,4 15 Cool N/A 10-12 G VG G VG S

Clover, White Dutch
Trifolium repens
Shallow rooted, cool, moist sites. 1,2,4,5 25 Cool N/A 6-12 G F F G C . .
Clover, Yellow Sweet
Melilotus officinalis
Aggressive, shade tolerant. 1,2,4 20 Cool N/A 20-36 F G G F ALL

Vetch, Lana Woolypod
Vicia dasycarpa
Irrigated or moist sites. Easily established. Self-seeding annual. 1,2,4 60 Cool N/A 12-20 VG VG G G ALL . .
Vetch, Purple
Vica benghalensis
Best near coast, hay & pasture. 1,2,4 60 Cool N/A 18-24 G G F F C . .
KEY: (E) = Excellent, (VG) = Very Good, (G) = Good, (F) = Fair,
(P) = Poor, (C) = Clay, (S) = Sandy, (R) = Rocky















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