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Stover professional turfgrass


Stover branded mixtures and blends have been developed for specific use areas and formulated by carefully choosing varieties which meet our criteria of performance and value. Data from tests conducted by the USDA and Universities including the University of California, is used in formulating our mixtures and blends. The description of each mixture is listed below. Actual formulations are not listed due to changes caused by crop shortages and the rapid introduction of new varieties. Stover Seed publishes updated Product Data Sheets which list current technical information such as test data and product formulations. Most importantly, these sheets also list recent planting sites of the particular product in the event you wish to obtain references. These sheets are also available by fax or mail by calling us at 800-621-0315.


Custom mixtures are our specialty. If you don’t find what you are looking for or have a particular need, please ask.



New Millenia Advanced Dwarf Fescue Blend–Our best blend

An outstanding blend of three of the newest dwarf fescues available. The varieties in this blend represent the latest in turfgrass breeding technology with improved insect and disease resistance, darker color, finer more uniform texture and dwarf growing habit for reduced maintenance. New Millennia is equivalent to any of the new fescue releases and iscomprised of the highest rated varieties of tall fescue for California according to trial data. The fescue varieties used in this blend are extremely popular and used extensively by major sod farms in the production of high quality fescue sod.


Triple Crown Improved Tall Fescue Blend–Our most popular blend

An exclusive blend of improved fescues specifically selected for California. Triple Crown exhibits outstanding dark green color and fine texture with improved mowability and is one of the most drought and wear tolerant of cool season grasses. The varieties chosen for this blend were among top performers in recent USDA field trials.


Triple Crown Dwarf Improved Dwarf Fescue Blend

A blend of three elite turf-type tall fescues that exhibit a dwarf growth habit. Triple Crown Dwarf exhibits outstanding dark green color and fine texture with improved mowability and is one of the mostdrought and wear tolerant of cool season grasses. Only top performers in USDA and University field trials are used in this blend.


Oasis Tall Fescue Blend

A popular priced, contemporary blend of improved turf-type tall fescues. No common or K-31 fescues are used in this mix, only improved varieties with a proven track record in trials are used. This means that this blend will produce a uniform, dense and drought tolerant turf.


Fineturf Fescue–Blue Mixture

Has all of the outstanding qualities of improved fescues plus the aggressive qualities of Kentucky bluegrass. The addition of bluegrass helps to form a denser turf with the ability to fill in thin or damaged areas.


Imperial Rye-Blue Mixture–Our best looking mixture

Exhibits outstanding color and very fine, uniform texture. Establishes quickly and maintains its color year round in most California climates. All highly rated varieties used. Needs more water than tall fescues. Will grow in all zones but is ideal for coastal or high altitude sites.


Grand Slam Perennial Ryegrass Overseeding Blend

Four of the best turf-type perennial ryegrasses are combined to produce an outstanding overseeding blend. Quick establishment, dark green color and fine texture are the chief attributes of this blend. USDA test data is available on these outstanding varieties. This blend can be used either for overseeding existing grasses or for new turf.


Royal Blue Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

A bluegrass turf should always consist of several varieties. If you desire the ultimate in turf; color, density and texture then Royal Blue should be your choice. Even though bluegrasses require higher maintenance than other grasses, the varieties chosen for this blend exhibit improved disease tolerance. For western lawns.


Shady Lawn

As its name suggests Shady Lawn is a mixture of fine textured, shade tolerant grasses that blends well with other grasses for a uniform look. Should be used in areas with no more than 50% shade.


Landscape Blend

A utility blend for general landscape use. Deep rooted, coarse texture, heat tolerant.



A popular priced, utility turf for all areas. Contains all perennial grasses. Durable and heat tolerant.



Little League

For areas that need quick establishment. Coarse textured, will hold up well under all types of conditions.


Pro-Sportsfield—Our most popular mixture

Very popular with school districts and municipalities. A mixture of improved perennial ryegrasses with bermudagrasses provides the best combination of quick establishment, durability and value in all seasons. These grasses will withstand low mowing and develop into a dense turf able to withstand regular sportsfield uses.


Pro-Sportsfield Elite

An improved version of Pro Sportsfield, the Elite is a mixture of improved perennial ryegrasses with Sahara improved bermudagrass. For new fields or for overseeding existing fields this mixture will quickly develop into a dense turf able to withstand regular sportsfield uses. The use of the Sahara provides an even denser, finer turf.


Pro-Sportsfield Supreme—Our best mixture

The best product in the Pro Sportsfield family, the Supreme is a mixture of improved perennial ryegrasses with the new Sultan improved bermudagrass. These grasses will provide the best combination of quickestablishment, durability and attractiveness in all seasons. It will withstand low mowing and develop into a dense turf able to withstand regular sportsfield use. The addition of Sultan makes for a superior turf with increased to density and finer texture.



Stover Pasture

An endophyte free, all purpose pasture mixture which provides a high yielding, palatable pasture. Able to withstand heavy grazing with good recovery.


Pierce College Horse Pasture

A well balanced mixture with high forage yield and excellent palatability. Specially blended for horse grazing.


Dryland Pasture

Needs little or no irrigation. Contains native grasses and legumes. Good rangeland pasture for all purposes.



Meadow and Erosion Control

Contains fine textured grasses that give a meadow effect. Grasses are deep rooted while wildflowers add a nice effect.


Hillside Erosion Control

Contains quick establishing, deep rooted grasses legumes and wildflowers. Excellent for slopes which need quick stabilization or use as a nurse crop to establish larger trees and shrubs.


Dryland Erosion Control

Deep-rooted, drought tolerant grasses and legumes, some natives. Reseeds annually.


Pacific Meadow

All fine textured grasses. Provides the best combination of appearance and durability.

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