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Grass Seed vs. Sod: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to grass seed versus sod, some people get confused. Throwing wholesale artificial turf into the mix only makes things more confusing. While seeds, sod, and artificial turf have advantages, they are used in different ways and for different purposes.

Information to Consider

  • Planting Process – Because of the planting process, seeds are commonly used for smaller areas. In comparison, natural and wholesale artificial turf are rolled out like a rug, making them a more efficient choice for larger surfaces. This is one reason why sod is used on football fields, soccer fields, and other surfaces used for sports. Price – The cost of planting seeds versus sodding is another difference. When facing budget constraints, seeds are usually preferred since seed mix is the more cost-effective solution.
  • Time Restrictions – Time also differentiates seed from sod. Because sod consists of strips of grass that are rolled out, the results are instant. In addition, sod roots establish much faster than seeds. Therefore, if your customer is on a tight schedule, needs a solution for erosion control, or wants a sloping area covered, sod is the optimal choice.
  • Variety – There are far more varieties and types of seeds than there are with sod. That means that you can select the exact type of grass that is known to grow best in your customer’s geographic area.
  • Root System – Sod develops a stronger root system from the beginning. For that reason, it will likely remain strong and healthy long term. With seeds, the root system takes longer to establish. Therefore, reseeding may be required for certain areas.
  • Artificial Turf – Artificial turf is the third option to consider. Although this looks a lot like real grass, it is actually made of synthetic fibers. Since artificial turf requires less care and maintenance, it is often used in sporting arenas.

When searching for sod or seeds for sale, it is essential to rely on a trusted source. Regardless if you are looking for quality grass seed to start sod for your customers or actual seeds to plant, we can help. Stover Seed Company has proudly served customers for the past 90-plus years. Please contact us to get assistance for your upcoming project

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