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FORTE 7-2-1


BIOSOL FORTE A granular slow release all natural organic fertilizer with no chemical content, consisting of a fungal and bacterial biomass. The nutrient source shall be derived from fermented plant material along with nutrients such as cottonseed meal, soybean meal and trace elements all under constant sterile conditions with a minimum Nutrient (N-P-K) content of 7-2-1.


Organic Matter > 85%, Carbon/Nitrogen ratio 5:1, Nitrogen (total) >7%. Nitrogen (water soluble)
<0.5%, Phosphorus (P205) 2-4%, Potassium (K20) 1%, pH level of 6.5 -7.5. Nutrients shall be derived
from fermented plant material and not contain any urea, animal waste, animal by-products or sewage

Aplication Rates

Biosol® Forte 7.2.1should be applied as follows:
Poor Soils: 1500 – 2000 lbs / acre
Good Soils: 1000 – 1500 lbs / acre

Product Datasheet
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