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Environ-Guar™ Organic Binder

Organic Binder


Environ-Guar is a food grade, hydrolyzed powder. Environ-Guar is used as a cost effective binding agent and lubricant during the hydro,mulching process. It has been shown to assist in the even dispersal of fiber and mulch and other materials contained in slurry mixes. Environ-Guar has water holding capacities and has superior tacking capabilities. 100% organic, biodegradable, plant derivative and is non-toxic to plants or animals. Environ-Guar will not contaminate water sources such as streams, lakes or ground water supplies. Product creates a slick surface, use care to avoid slipping. Environ-Guar has proven to be effective in holding fiber in place, improving grass stands and reducing overall erosion.


Active Ingredient: 100% Guar Gum Powder
% Protein content: 4.28
% Settleable solids: 84.27
1% Solution pH: 6.03

**50 lb. bags


Environ-Guar may be applied as a wet slurry or to dry surfaces in the following applications. To be used in well ventilated areas with a dust mask, goggles and rubber gloves for safety measures. The material is slippery when wet, sweep up any spills and avoid washing them down.

  • • Erosion control
  • • Dust Control
  • • Binding agent
  • • Seeding applications
  • • Caltrans compliant

Aplication Rates

As a Binder for Hydro mulch:

  • • Flat Slopes use the rate of 30 Pounds Per Acre
  • • 4:1 Slopes use the rate of 40 – 80 Pounds Per Acre
  • • 2:1 Slopes use the rate of 60 – 120 Pounds Per Acre
  • • 1:1 Slopes use the rate of 70 – 220 Pounds Per Acre

As a Dust Control:

  • • Use the rate of 40 – 100 Pounds Per Acre


50 lb. heavy duty paper bags.
Palletized at 40 bags/pallet (2,000 lb.)

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