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Premium Cellulose Fiber Mulch


ENVIRON-FIBER is a premium hydroseeding mulch, consisting of 100% wood cellulose recycled from newsprint but contains no slick paper commonly incorporated in similar products. Slick paper negatively affects the water holding capacity of a mulch and can potentialy cause the mulch to draw moisture out of the soil and away for the seed. This select blend of fibers produces high water-holding capacity and provides an optimum insulated environment for seed germination.

ENVIRON-FIBER is dyed a rich dark green to assist in visual metering and contains no growth or germination inhibiting factors.


Water Holding Capacity: 1200 grams
Moisture Content: 12.0+/- 3%
Ash Content: .5 +/- 2%
pH Range: 5.5 +/- 1%

ENVIRON-FIBER meets the above specification, and is in accordance with the July 1992 Standard Specifications, section 29-2.07 Fiber.


ENVIRON-FIBER can be used for all hydroseeding applications.

Application Rates

1000 to 2000 pounds per acre depending on degree of slope.


50 lb. heavy mil poly bags.
Bags measure 10x16x30 inches.


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