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Eco-Fibre Mulch

Premium Wood Fiber Mulch


EcoFibre® for use in hydraulically planting grass stolon, grass seed or other seeds, either alone or in combination with fertilizers and other approved additives, EcoFibre is a fully biodegradable, Hydraulic Mulch (HM) composed of 100% recycled Thermally Refined™ wood fibers. Wood composed of 100% recycled long strand, thermally refined (within a pressure vessel) wood fibers that have been pressure treated to 80 – 85 psi (552 – 586 kPa) with steam and heat treated for 15 minutes at 380 – 440 degrees Fahrenheit (193 – 226 degrees Celsius). The HM is phytosanitized, free from plastic netting and forms a bond with the soil surface to create a porous and absorbent erosion layer that enhances germination and plant growth. The EcoFibre wood fibers are colored green with a non-toxic dye to facilitate visual metering during application. EcoFibre versatility allows it to be highly effective in many applications: erosion control, slope stabilization, dust abatement, landscape design, land development, and golf course construction.


Moisture Content: 12 +/- 3% by weight (wet weight basis)
Minimum Water Holding Capacity: Minimum 1,250 gm water/100 gm oven dry fiber
Orgaic Matter: 99.2% +/- 0.2% (oven dry weight basis)
Ash Content: 0.8% +/- 0.2% (oven dry weight basis)
pH at 3% Consistency: 4.5% +/- 0.5%


Canfor certifies that Eco-FIBER meets the above specification, and is in accordance with the July 1992 Standard Specifications, section 29-2.07 Fiber.


Eco-Fiber can be used for all hydroseeding applications.

Application Rates

Wood fiber mulch shall be applied at a minimum rate of 1800 pounds per acre on flat slopes, or a minimum rate of 2000 pounds per acre on slopes of 4H:1V.


50 lb. heavy mil poly bags.

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