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Do’s and Don’ts for Dichondra Ground Cover Maintenance

You don’t have to grow and care for a specific type of grass to have a beautiful green yard. Rather, you can choose to grow dichondra ground cover. This plant creates a green carpet and a unique texture to your landscaping. Dichondra is
a plant that grows small circle leaves very close together. It doesn’t grow tall – typically only 2-inches tall – and it can quickly spread over the ground. However, to truly reap the benefits of this beautiful plant, you must care for
it properly. Here are a few things you need to know when planting dichondra and several things you should avoid.


The Do’s of Dichondra Care

When planting dichondra ground cover, you want loose, well-drained soil. This type of plant doesn’t like soggy, overly-wet soil. This is particularly important when planting this type of plant as you want to ensure the soil is
well-prepared to ensure it has a great start.


Additionally, this plant does best in part shade to full sun conditions. This means you must be mindful of where you plant it to ensure it can thrive in a certain condition.


One of the advantages to Dichondra ground cover is that it doesn’t require much watering. Rather, you can go several days before watering as this plant prefers the soil to dry out before it receives more moisture. However, when you do
water this plant, you want to provide a deep, full watering. It will also need more frequent watering during the warmer summer months.


The Don’ts of Dichondra Care

When planting this ground covering, you want to place it in the right sunlight condition. Also, you want to consider the foot traffic in the area. This plant is not as durable and tough as similar grasses, meaning you want to plant it
in areas that are not frequently visited.


It is possible to mow this ground covering. However, you don’t want to mow the grass too short or leave it too tall. Ideally, you should mow between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches tall. You also don’t want to mow too often as this causes more
stress to the plant than is necessary.


Additionally, when caring for this plant, you don’t want to forget to fertilize and care for this plant. Watering is often not enough to give it the proper nutrients it needs to thrive. When fertilizing, you want to apply your
fertilizer during the growing season. You should never just choose any fertilizer for this plant either. You should visit a local seeds company to determine the right fertilizer to keep this ground covering healthy.


If you have any questions about dichondra ground cover seeds and their care, visit with experts at your local seeds company. The professionals can provide guidance and advice on the right products, care, and maintenance to keep your
landscaping in beautiful condition.

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