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O’Connor’s Strawberry Clover

Clover O'Conner's Strawberry (Trifolium fragiferum)


A horizontally spreading legume with a root system of 4 to 6 feet deep. Has small, pink, clover-like flowers. Good erosion control plant. Drought tolerant.


Popular ground cover for slopes either by itself or in mixtures with flowers. Can be used as a substitute for lawn areas when mowed at one half inch. A very popular seeded ground cover on slopes in Southern California.

Seeding Rates

Sow one ounce to 125 square feet.


Withstands poorly drained soil. Low water requirements gives good drought tolerance.


Packets available in 2 oz. size. Approximately 40,000 seeds per packet.
Larger quantities are available. Please contact us for additional information and a quotation.

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