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Choosing Low-Maintenance Turf Grass Seeds for Your Golf Course Rough

Choosing the right golf course grass types can be a complicated process. You need to select not only the best seeds for the putting range, salt tolerant grass seed for areas close to sea water, and after searching out the best seeds company, the ideal turf for the course rough.

The ideal rough needs to penalize poor shots, without destroying the speed of play. That means that you need turf grass seeds that grow thick and high enough to challenge a golfer, without making play impossible. At the same time, you’ll need to consider the maintenance requirements that must be managed by the golf course superintendent. There are many golf course grass seed solutions designed for rough applications, but here, we’ll look at just three options for the best grass seeds and grass types.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most popular turf grass seeds for environments where a flexible climate allows for varying degrees of penalty. However, Kentucky bluegrass is not the most salt tolerant grass seed, and it thrives in a cool, humid environment, with plenty of fertile soil. Kentucky bluegrass also requires higher maintenance than many other species.

Bermuda Grass

Another solution for golf course grass seed is the Bermuda grass seed. Bermuda grass provides a good rough that can function well, but doesn’t offer the level of color contrast provided by other types of turf. However, Bermuda grass seed performs exceptionally well over other species when it’s left dormant. Bermuda grass has higher nitrogen needs than other turfs.

Buffalo Grass

Finally, buffalo grass is the solution for those in search of turf grass seeds that can perform well in semi-arid and arid areas around the world. Buffalo grass comes from the great plains, and it’s an ideal golf course grass seed for those who struggle with water shortages and drought, as it requires fewer pesticides, fertilizer, and water.

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